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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 30, 2013

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Posted: Monday, September 30, 2013 3:25 am

Dentistry from Heart

TO THE EDITOR: On Sept. 14, Dentistry from the Heart - NY, hosted by High Peaks Dental, provided a day of free dental care to the people of the North Country.

This extremely fun and successful day would not have been possible without the involvement of local volunteers and organization who so generously donated their time, talents and products.

Our heart-filled thanks go out to Adirondack Advertising, Aubuchon Hardware, Bobby’s Lounge, Bucks Supply & Distribution, Dunkin Donuts, Freihofer’s, Henry Schein Dental, Heritage Printing, McSweeney Orthodontics, Morrisonville Septic, Pepsi, Price Chopper, Rambach’s Bakery, Studley Printing and Publishing, Subway, the UPS Store, the Town of Plattsburgh Highway Department and our many friends and family.

Thanks again to these organizations for helping Dentistry from the Heart – NY give the North Country residents a true reason to smile.




High Peaks Dental


Independent candidate

TO THE EDITOR: I’m independently running for town councilperson in Schuyler Falls as candidate of the Be Bold Party.

I will serve all areas of the town by listening to our residents, building on the strengths of the past while looking boldly to the future.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to the more than 100 Schuyler Falls residents who signed the independent nominating petitions so I could be included on the ballot. It was because of your support that we all have a new choice this Nov. 5.

To all those with whom I spoke last month, it was my pleasure to meet you, hear your thoughts, discuss what in our town we like and what we’d like to see changed.

Over the upcoming weeks. I anticipate connecting with many more of you, to listen, converse and share a vision for the future for all parts of our town.

Special thanks go to Nicole and Bev, who circulated petitions for signatures, and those many people who encouraged me to run and continue to support me in so many ways. I am enthusiastically ready to serve.

From Morrisonville to Woods Mills to Schuyler Falls hamlet, from the Military Turnpike to Hardscrabble Road, from the Saranac to the Peasleeville Valley, I look forward to working for all of Schuyler Falls, for today and for the future.

Feel free to contact me via cell 565-6263, email barb4sftown@charter.net or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/barb4sftown.

Thank you for your support.




CVPH campaign

TO THE EDITOR: As a board member for the Foundation of CVPH Medical Center, I am thrilled to be kicking off another year for our annual campaign drive.

This is our biggest fundraising effort of the year, where we ask North Country residents to support the health of your community.

CVPH employees have already pledged $35,000, giving us a great start to our campaign goal of $200,000.

Part of what makes our campaign a success each year are the 50-plus volunteers who willingly take on the task of asking their friends, business partners and contacts to join them in supporting the Foundation. This is no easy undertaking, but when you ask for something you believe strongly in and support yourself, the task for the Foundation of CVPH becomes much easier.

As a team captain, I’m fortunate to have several people help me with the business of asking for gifts; many have volunteered for years. They do this because they believe in the mission of the Foundation and know they can make a difference in their family, friends’ and neighbors’ lives.

When you receive a letter asking you to support the Foundation of CVPH, I hope you will consider joining me and my fellow volunteers in improving health and wellness in our community.


CVPH Foundation Board member


Film showings

TO THE EDITOR: T’is the season for provocative presentations at SUNY Plattsburgh addressing current events.

Per my all-season carrying the celluloid torch while regional theaters go digital or dark, I submit these peripheral supplements.

On Saturday, Oct. 19, at the Newman Center (92 Broad St.) at 7 p.m., see the Marx Brothers’ timeless “Duck Soup” nailing Washingtonian antics more than ever.

Next, please mark your calendars for 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, again at Newman, for “Executive Action.” As we near the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, rediscovering this forgotten speculative drama is essential.

“Executive Action” predated Oliver Stone’s “JFK” by 17 years with a relatively fact-based, unsensational, streamlined approach avoiding frilly distractions from the point of a compelling argument.

Conspiracy theories are a fascinating pop-culture phenomenon and are worth one’s attention, whenever thoughtful (sadly, too often they aren’t). “Executive Action” behaves responsibly, and I’m looking forward to post-viewing discussion regardless of your personal feelings on the general subject, so come join in.

For instance, how do you feel about ReThink911’s claim that a fallen third tower on 9/11 was downed via controlled demolition? I hadn’t remembered that structure’s presence in all the chaos, so like it or not, ReThink911 has my attention. After all, this so-called Building 7 wasn’t hit by a plane.

Why that particular time to pulverize it? For what purpose and by whom? Anyone with the slightest inquisitive nature must be interested in these questions. Nov. 2’s event promises an appropriate forum to address them, along with an equally obscure congressional committee conclusion that the JFK hit involved an additional bullet (contradicting the Warren Report).

There’ll be plenty to discuss after viewing “Executive Action;” all perspectives welcome.




Support appreciated

TO THE EDITOR: The Swiesz family would like to take this opportunity to thank the many family members, businesses, friends and community members who have helped us through our recent tragedy.

We live in a great area, where so many people were so eager to help us. The number of people that helped us would be pages long. Please just know that you are not forgotten.

We keep everyone in our hearts and prayers.




Respect for flag

TO THE EDITOR: I was saddened as I observed a total lack of respect for the American flag at the Peru Applefest parade on Saturday, Sept. 21.

I did not see anyone salute the flag, carried by a color guard, as it passed the crowd of people.

It is also sad when, at a sporting event, men have be reminded to remove their hats when the national anthem is played.





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