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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 31, 2012

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Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 3:25 am

Sample reunion

TO THE EDITOR: A Sample family reunion was held on July 28, 2012, at Rainbow Banquet Hall in Altona.

Family members who attended were descendants of David Sample Sr. and Mary (Rolston) Sample (first generation, 1800s), natives of Tyrone, Ireland, and who settled in Canada. It was a great day for the 110-plus family members present to reminisce and to meet cousins unknown.

Samples attending the reunion were from all local area, including Sample relatives from Canada; also, Sample relatives in attendance from locations/states within the East Coast of the United States. Age range was from 96 years to 14 days. The day guaranteed memories to last a lifetime!

Next Sample reunion is planned for July 26, 2014. It is hoped many new Sample relatives can be contacted with an invitation to participate in the 2014 reunion gathering.


Mooers Forks


Become informed

TO THE EDITOR: Readers have doubtless observed the recent, seemingly endless proliferation of campaign advertising that pretty much assaults us whenever we open a newspaper or try to watch anything on television.

It may have occurred to some readers, as it has to me, that a number of people have decided to flood big money into the campaign, not only by donating to candidates and parties but also by advertising on their own in an attempt to influence voters and the outcome of the election.

The League of Women Voters was born more than 90 years ago out of the fight to secure the vote for women. We are still committed to nonpartisan programs of education and advocacy. The local league, for which I am honored to serve as president, has joined other leagues across the state and nation in concerted efforts to shine a bright light on the upcoming election and the importance for each citizen exercising her/his right to vote.

The League of Women Voters believes that a flood of informed voters is the best remedy for the flood of sometimes misleading advertising. We are working to empower the vote by making nonpartisan election information to everyone on an Internet site: www.VOTE411.org. The information was provided by candidates of all parties in response to league requests. Candidates’ comments are presented in the candidates’ own words, uncut and unedited.

Voting is a precious right and responsibility, for which many have fought and died. Informed voting is the next step, and the core issue in the election on Nov. 6. Take advantage of the opportunity to become informed and then exercise your right to vote.





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