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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 1, 2013

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Posted: Friday, November 1, 2013 3:25 am

Words of hope

TO THE EDITOR: In Ward 1, sometimes you can almost touch democracy.

Today, it’s at a gathering in the home of candidate Rachelle Armstrong. Around you, old friends are meeting again. Strangers are exchanging names and stories. A table is laid out with homemade soup and pizza from a local pizzeria cut into rectangles so there’s enough for everyone.

This isn’t a party. It is the Democratic Party of Plattsburgh gathering to show Rachelle Armstrong that we support her 100 percent.

We are here to hear her words of hope and determination to use her intelligence and energy to build and protect our city. Plattsburgh and its resources are important to her.

You can not make a better decision on Nov. 5 than to vote for Rachelle Armstrong for Ward 1 City Council.




Testing stress

TO THE EDITOR: We are only a couple of weeks into the school year, and we are already seeing administrators and teachers stressed by the increasing demands placed on them and the children stressed and bored by the test-focused curriculum.

School has become a forced march, filled with work sheets, scripted lessons and a schedule that does not allow for student interests, questions, or concerns.

How did this happen? It becomes difficult to have conversations about this because teachers and administrators are ordered not to talk about what’s going on.

Our school system, serving our children and paid for with our tax dollars, is not something our employees are allowed to talk about, though they would love to.

There are several actions we might take.

First, let the teachers and administrators know that our dissatisfaction with schools is not aimed at them. We know they are just following orders and are facing the threat of discipline for speaking honestly about their concerns. We know they are struggling to serve the children, despite policies they are ordered to follow.

Second, ask questions of your administrators and teachers, and if they won’t answer, take your questions and concerns to parent meetings, meetings with legislators and to school boards.

How much does it cost to test, test, test? What has the school given up to do this? What do we want for our children, and are we getting it?

Third, join with parents and families in other districts to act together because the concerns you have are the same as those in the district next to you.

Schools should exist to educate our children, not to generate profits for corporations such as Pearson or to pad the resume of the governor. Act now.




Leadership ability

TO THE EDITOR: Peter Ensel is a candidate for City Council in Ward 4.

I had the opportunity of working with Peter on the City of Plattsburgh Redistricting Committee. Peter, who was chair of this committee, was charged with redistricting the voting wards in the city to balance the population in each ward. This was a complex process that required bipartisan cooperation and compromise.

Peter guided the committee with respect to all parties involved and created a plan that was passed unanimously by the City Council.

Peter and his family have lived in Plattsburgh for 20 years. I have known Peter both professionally and personally for many of these years.

His leadership abilities and energetic personality are the qualities needed to successfully guide the process of managing a city.

Peter is not registered with a political party, he is a true independent who approaches every situation with balance.

On Election Day, please join me in supporting Peter Ensel for City Council in Ward 4.




Youth issues

TO THE EDITOR: I am a parent to three young children and have built a career working with the school-age population.

These factors draw my attention to issues surrounding our youth. In the age of school shootings, bullying and varying issues related to the presence of social media, I feel that active involvement of our youth is essential in improving our communities.

Chris Rosenquest has set out a plan for the Plattsburgh Youth Commission, and I believe the development of this commission will lay the groundwork that would enable outreach to a larger population of youth that would not be otherwise involved. The potential impact this commission could have is unlimited.

Furthermore, this is an opportunity for students to be empowered through involvement, enhance their classroom civic education, develop real-world experiences, strengthen leadership skills and gain volunteer experiences.

This sets the stage for young people to be invested in their community and to think about contributing to the long-term success of their city. Through including the youth, we are sending the message that they are not only the future of the City of Plattsburgh but our present.

Chris Rosenquest has set out a clear plan on how to engage our young people in a meaningful and lasting way. No, they aren’t voters. No, they aren’t taxpayers. However, they are contributing members of our society and must be engaged in a way that makes a difference.

I value the youth of this city and have faith in the contribution they can make to improve our community. Rosenquest has the plan that ensures they’re engaged in shaping that future through their actions in the present.

I urge you to vote Chris Rosenquest for mayor.




Interaction skills

TO THE EDITOR: This is a letter of endorsement for Rick Klages, who is competing for the position of councilman in the Town of Chesterfield.

Rick has a long history in the administration of municipal government, both in the Town of Chesterfield and the Keeseville Fire Department.

His commitment of service to the citizens of the Town of Chesterfield has been exceptional. As a councilman, Rick has demonstrated outstanding interaction skills with the citizens of the town.

He is always available on issues concerning a resident or residents and will persevere until the issues or issue is resolved.

Rick Klages continually strives to serve the Town of Chesterfield residents in the most ethical and budget-friendly approach.

Rick has always been his own person, and if he perceives that the public is not being well served, he will speak out on their behalf. He is an extremely proactive and diligent person for the citizens whom he represents.

Please vote for Rick Klages as councilman for the Town of Chesterfield. Thank you.




Impressive involvement

TO THE EDITOR: Our elected officials have the responsibility to lead by example and make decisions that have the town and its resident’s best interest at hand.

Don McBrayer is the right person to uphold these responsibilities as councilman for the Town of Peru.

Don is a lifelong resident of Clinton County and has an undisputed wealth of experience in dealing with people. He is an integral part of our community, giving his time, talent and treasure wherever and whenever needed.

Don’s civic involvement is impressive, to say the least. He is an active member of the Knights of Columbus, website administrator for the Town of Peru and St. Augustine’s Parish.

He has been chairperson for the St. Augustine’s Applefest and provides his DJ services for countless community events.

Don does all of this with such finesse, all while maintaining his family obligations.

Don is an intelligent and successful businessman. He has common sense and knows how to interact with people.

Without a doubt, Don McBrayer is the right person for Peru Town Council.




Endorsement questioned

TO THE EDITOR: The Press-Republican reported how Employees Union Local 788 endorsed the Republican candidate for mayor of Plattsburgh.

The union’s Executive Board, according to the report, endorsed the Republican candidate without the membership’s approval. This action of the union’s Executive Committee does not represent the union’s body.

One must wonder what kind of negotiations went on behind the scenes for this type of endorsement to take place. The union president was quoted as saying, “The Republican candidate was honest to deal with.” Again, one must wonder how this dealing could have happened by a council member.

The union has not had a raise since 2008. How can the union members determine from their president that the union’s endorsement of the Republican candidate is justified?

What would the Democratic candidate’s opinion be about how he sat at council meetings, along with the Republican candidate, voting against raises for the union employees?

When an entity does not receive a raise in five years, it raises a red flag about who has been representing them.

One must be wary of the astronomical legal cost that the city has incurred with their firefighters, brought on by frivolous management of the mayor and council. The legal fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and large payouts awarded to the firefighters. What were the Republican and Democratic candidates thinking when all this information was going by them, participating in the decisions while on the City Council?

Chris Rosenquest rises above the three candidates for mayor. Chris has integrity, the education and documented evidence of a proven successful businessman. Chris has vision and will foster economic growth of the city.

On Election Day, vote for Chris. You will be rewarded with a true leader.




Accounting knowledge

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support for Tina Fenton, who is running for tax collector, Town of Jay, this November election.

We hired Tina as our bookkeeper on April 2004. She handled all of our accounting tasks, from general ledger entries to P&L statements. Employment records and payroll preparation was also part of her responsibilities.

She also furnished all information required for audits requested by our insurance companies, state and federal agencies.

Her knowledge of accounting and its principals will serve her well for her bid as the tax collector for the Town of Jay.

I strongly urge the Town of Jay Voters to choose Tina Fenton as their representative for the tax-collector position.


Former owner and manager

Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain KOA


Fresh voice

TO THE EDITOR: It’s a safe community to raise children, but we need a fresh voice, fresh leadership, economical growth, revenue growth, control on the tax cap and support for the small-business community.

I believe Chris Rosenquest has the fresh voice that we need, a new set of eyes and the experience to bring in a new skill set, new technology that will stimulate the stagnation that Plattsburgh is experiencing. His fresh perspective, combined with his roots in Plattsburgh, is what we need.

With a “shut down” of our Community Development Office, this is a problem for small businesses as well as our city. This office is the central point for community and economic development and the catalyst for growing our tax base. It’s the starting point for new, old, large and small businesses.

As a small-business owner, I feel this is what’s needed for our business and our community. Rather than having to spend so much on taxes, we could be using that money for business growth.

This office is also intended to support the modernization and update of our city streets and dilapidated housing. Our taxes are being raised as a primary source of revenue for the city, and it’s unsustainable for businesses and for taxpayers.

Chris is the only one with a clear plan on what he’ll do for that office, a plan that can be started on Day 1.

Do the right thing; vote for Chris Rosenquest.




Communication skills

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter on behalf of Michael Cashman, the Working Families and Democrat candidate for Plattsburgh Town Council.

Michael will bring to the council a representative of a younger generation and will enhance the board with his ideas and will put to use his excellent communication skills. He will support sound policies and economic growth. 

Please consider voting for Michael Cashman for Town Council on Nov. 5. You won’t be disappointed.




Science investigations

TO THE EDITOR: Middle and High School students are invited to present the results of their scientific investigations at the Champlain Valley Regional Science Fair on April 26, 2014, at SUNY Plattsburgh.

For more information, visit www.champlainvalleysciencefair.org.

Our society increasingly needs a scientific and technologically literate workforce. These rewarding careers will require training in the STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering and math.

Science and technology fairs inspire students into these careers by presenting science as a creative process of discovery and investigation, rather than a bland assortment of scientific facts.

With tight budgets and new teacher-evaluation standards requiring more testing and assessment, it is difficult for teachers to find the time and support for inquiry-based initiatives. It is important that we ask our schools to somehow find the time, talent and resources to support participation in these enrichment experiences.

Exemplary programs include Peru High, where students in the Science National Honor Society undertake and present scientific research. Students from Plattsburgh High develop sophisticated technological demonstrations. Some local middle schools sponsor science fairs and participate at our regional level. Increasing the number of students that major in STEM disciplines will pay dividends when technologically proficient graduates return to our North Country workforce.

The sponsorship of The Development Corp. and others provides college scholarships for high-school students who place in science or technology categories and funding for mentors. Participants have majored in STEM disciplines at prestigious universities, including Harvard and Cornell, among many others.

We ask that local businesses in the technology, engineering, manufacturing and scientific areas consider supporting the Champlain Valley Regional Science Fair and our best and brightest students by supporting one of these scholarships.

Consider asking school administrations to support STEM initiatives and contact us at champlainvalleysciencefair.org if you’re interested in supporting the Science Fair.




Champlain Valley Regional Science Fair



Genuine concern

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is being written to anyone and everyone who knows Joshua Kretser.

All of you know he is running for council for Ward 6 in the City of Plattsburgh. You know of his amazing leadership qualities and attributes. You know that he is exactly the kind of person the City of Plattsburgh needs to capitalize on its strengths and expand its horizons.

His work ethic, his genuine respect and concern for all people and his visions for the future ensure that your needs will be met to the best of his ability.

As his mom, I have seen his keen aptitude for seeing both sides of any given issue. His ability to sort out the facts, in an unbiased way, has made him a very effective mediator. He has a unique sense of fairness and concern for doing the right thing.

As his friends and colleagues, you too, have seen these character traits, all of which are necessary to an effective City Council.

It is now up to each and every one of you who are his friends and colleagues to support him, no matter where you live. Ask yourself: Do I know anyone in Ward 6 who I could tell about Joshua? Who could I encourage to vote for Joshua on Nov. 5? Will I ask my friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives to do the same? Am I going to mark it on my calendar to vote for Joshua and actually take the time to vote for him?

Even if you are not a city resident or a Ward 6 resident, you can still support Joshua’s efforts. You can spread the word: Vote for Joshua Kretser on Nov. 5 for Ward 6 councilor.

Visit Joshua’s website at www.joshuakretser.com.




Boundless energy

TO THE EDITOR: Are you looking for someone with an amazing amount of energy?

Someone who will put that energy to work for the citizens of the Town of Plattsburgh?

Are you hoping that you will be able to cast your vote for someone who sees politics as a way to bring people together for the success of all and not as a platform for their own personal gain?

If you are looking for a man who will dedicate his time and energy making life in the Town of Plattsburgh the best it can be, then you are looking for Michael Cashman.

Michael Cashman is a man who has boundless energy and amazing ideas that will use all his talents to make sure that Plattsburgh progresses without sacrificing the things that make our area such an amazing place to live.

Mike has been an active member of the Plattsburgh community ever since he moved here to attend SUNY Plattsburgh, where, incidentally, he was the only individual to be elected twice as Student Association president.

He believes in the Plattsburgh community and has chosen to make it home. He works hard in many civic organizations to make sure Plattsburgh is the best that it can be while recognizing that it is a unique and wonderful place that is inherently different from the rest of New York state.

Vote for Cashman on Election Day. You won’t regret it.




Stand-up guy

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing in support of Michael Cashman for a seat on the Plattsburgh Town Council.

Though I no longer live or work in the Town of Plattsburgh, during the time I did, I met Michael Cashman and found him to be a stand-up guy who clearly had his finger on the pulse of what was going on in the North Country.

Through his efforts with the Adirondack Young Professionals and other organizations, he clearly demonstrated a commitment to community. And, from what I continue to read to this day, that appears to remain the case.

Michael Cashman is, without a doubt, the man for the Town of Plattsburgh. I would encourage you to go to his

website www.michaelcashmanforplattsburgh.com and look at his platform. He outlines his seven goals for the town, and I think you will find that they are the same goals most of us are concerned with.

On his website, you will also learn how much this young man has already accomplished. He is old enough to be able to look at the big picture but young enough to be able to really push for those things that we need for the town to continue to successfully meet its goals.

Michael Cashman is passionate about his adopted community, and I am certain that he will work hard to ensure that your voice is heard.

Michael Cashman understands that everyone needs to have a voice in a democracy, and he will listen to his constituents and take their concerns forward to the council.

You can count on Michael to work hard to make sure that the Town of Plattsburgh remains the best place to live in the North Country.

Vote for Cashman for the Town of Plattsburgh.




Proven experience

TO THE EDITOR: It is my humble honor to endorse a qualified candidate for the position of county treasurer.

Kim Davis has the proven experience to be a financial leader.

Kim Davis has excelled in all of her endeavors.

The Democratic Party endorsed Kim Davis as their first choice for this position.

I have known Kim for several years now, and I have watched and marveled at her ability to lead and communicate with all levels of personality.

With Kim’s leadership as our county treasurer, you can be assured that all county residents will be treated with equality.

Please join me at the polls on Nov. 5 and cast your vote for Kim Davis as our county treasurer.


Area 3 legislator



Vann support

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank the Town of Saranac voters and residents for supporting my husband, Leo “Lee” Vann, over the last 10 Years.

The Highway Department has worked closely together to keep roads safe to travel. Ten years ago, he took over with little money in the budget’s savings account. In six years, they managed to save more than $900,000.

He accomplished this using solid buying practices using state and county contracts and abiding by the town’s procurement policy. He has stayed under highway budget all 10 years in office.

Overtime is only when safe travel is threatened by unsafe driving conditions. They share services with all other local towns to keep cost down. Yearly donations of winter sand and processing equipment saves our town a lot of money.

He lobbies in Albany yearly with other town officials from Clinton County for their CHIPS allotment, which this year received a $40,000 increase.

The State Highway Association holds a training conference at Ithaca College yearly to keep highway superintendents informed of new road building and repair techniques, equipment, rules and laws. Lee attends these training sessions yearly and works closely with state and county agencies and FEMA to take advantage of all the financial help he can get for the town.

The town has a hard-working, responsible group of men who work with and support him at all times for the good of our town. He will continue to work with the Town Council, and he will put the Town Of Saranac Highway Department first in all of his endeavors.

Thank you for your support of him in the past, present and on Nov. 5.




Councilor backing

TO THE EDITOR: I have served on the council in the Town of Plattsburgh during both of Paul Lamoy’s terms.

Paul has shared his wealth of knowledge in construction and as an electrician from his first days on the board.

He has been a leader in ensuring that the people of the town get a fair day’s work from all employees. Paul has watched every voucher turned in to make sure the money was spent correctly and wisely.

Paul has also initiated and seen to completion innovative ways to save money in the town. He was instrumental in designing and overseeing the remodeling of the Town Court, which utilized the space better and created a safer place in which to work.

Paul realized the potential savings of the town’s purchasing of street lights from NYSEG and negotiated their purchase at a much lower price than first offered. This purchase lowered the Lighting District rates and provided savings of thousands of dollars each year in costs to the town.

Paul stands for what he believes to be good for the people of the town, regardless of opposition from others, including other council members.

Paul is a councilor you can be proud of, and I truly believe we are lucky to have a person of such caliber on the Town Council.

Please vote this Nov. 5, and make sure Paul Lamoy is one of those you vote for.


Plattsburgh Town Council


Sense of pride

TO THE EDITOR: Shortly after moving back to this area to work in my family’s small business, I met Michael Cashman at an event held by the Adirondack Young Professionals group.

Michael was the president of ADKYP at the time, and after talking to him, for a short time I could tell he was a man who wanted to make Plattsburgh a better place.

Since meeting Michael Cashman about six years ago, we have served on a few community service boards and committees together, currently the Town of Plattsburgh Development Corp., where Michael currently holds the title of vice president.

I have witnessed first hand Michael’s strong community leadership. Michael’s sense of pride, love, support and enthusiasm for Plattsburgh is contagious. Michael is a very driven leader who is also very approachable and down to earth.

Michael will work tirelessly as an advocate for sound policies to sustain economic growth. He will be the councilperson who will lead strategically with a community-supported vision.

Michael Cashman is the name that makes sense for Plattsburgh’s needs.




Energetic participant

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov. 5, people once again have the opportunity to vote for the candidates who will best serve us in government positions.

Such a person is Kimberly Davis. She has made the commitment to run for Clinton County treasurer this November, and we need people like her working for us.

We have had the privilege of working with Kim on a business level. She is extremely knowledgeable in the banking and financial arena. When asked for her input, she will look at all the opportunities and make practical, fiscally responsible decisions. She is thoughtful and pragmatic, which are qualities we would like to have in a treasurer.

Kim also understands that part of the formula to being successful is in giving back to the people and community.

She belongs to the Kiwanis and is an energetic participant in their activities that benefit the Clinton County area.

We believe if Kim is elected to the position of county treasurer she will serve in our best interest, and we ask that you help elect her with your vote.




Attentive, honest

TO THE EDITOR: Although I am not a voter in Ward I, I feel it is necessary that I comment on a most-deserving candidate, Maureen Carlo.

Having known her while working with her, I can attest to her qualities, honesty, extreme attentiveness to all her clients, always a very prompt, courteous young lady, a person who strives to follow all of her ambitions, which are many in a very organized manner.

She has the ability to share her most experience in technology here in Plattsburgh. She is capable of strenghtening and introducing ideas and challenges that are vital to growth.

Please support and vote for Maureen Carlo. You will not be disappointed in your decision.




Research rumors

TO THE EDITOR: Election is approaching and with it rumors and innuendos to malign or detract from the candidates.

Shame. My advice is to verify falsehoods. Check out the perpetrators and do your own research to justify your selection.

Having said that, I would like to recommend the re-election of our present supervisor, Dan Connell, and councilman, Russell Paquette. Both of these candidates have demonstrated their ability in governmental responsibilities.

Dan Connell has shown his expertise in the fiscal areas and has maintained one of the lowest tax increases as compared to other townships. He has kept our town under the 2 percent tax increase edict for his full tenure.

He has utilized all resources and input to get information for changes in all our facilities, whether it be sewer or water problems, housing for town offices or highway and fire company.

He has contacts with state, county and federal entities to aid in successful solving of municipal problems. Please re-elect Dan Connell.

Russell Paquette has shown his ability in assessing problems confronting our town. His knowledge of town government has show his understanding of not only our wants but more importantly our needs. He serves on all committees judiciously with a keen understanding of what is or is not affordable. He deserves to be re-elected.

In closing, may I suggest what has been said in many important undertakings “change for the mere sake of change.” This is not always admissible.

To maintain a realistic continuity of town government, keep our incumbents in office. Thank you.




Knows the roads

TO THE EDITOR: As a mail carrier, I spend four hours a day, six days a week, all year long, driving the roads of Saranac.

I think this qualifies me to have a pretty good idea of the great work that Highway Superintendent Lee Vann and his crew have done and continue to do every day.

All seasons of the year, I can get out there and confidently do my job largely because of them.

Why would we want to change something that works so well?




Honest, accountable

TO THE EDITOR: The future Town Council candidate should be knowledgeable, experienced, honest, dedicated and accountable. Those qualifications describe Bill Brudvig.

I am a resident of Heritage Heights, which Bill has owned, managed and operated for 14 years. I’ve seen Bill display all of those qualities listed above as he works to maintain a beautiful place for us to live.

Bill is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. He has a bachelor’s in science degree in accounting. He served on many association boards in Plattsburgh as an officer, holding such positions as general manager, comptroller and treasurer.

As a Heritage Heights resident, I’ve been witness to Bill’s dedication for providing the best standard of living at the lowest possible cost. That’s what Plattsburgh needs, and that is why I am supporting Bill Brudvig for Plattsburgh Town Council.




Ride support

TO THE EDITOR: I just completed my fifth Tour de Force bicycle ride.

This ride began on Sept. 8 from the Freedom Tower in NYC and ended on Sept. 11 at the Boston Marathon finish line.

The mission of the Tour de Force is to honor victims of 9/11 and raise funds to benefit families of police officers killed in the line of duty. More than 200 riders across the USA, Canada and Ireland raised over $450,000 for these families.

Once again this year, I extend my thank you for your help in assisting me in raising over $15,000 for the Tour de Force bike ride. Many friends and businesses have assisted my fundraising efforts each year, and I am truly thankful for this.

A special shoutout to Plattsburgh Distributing, which was mistakenly omitted from my last letter to the editor, for all of the assistance they give with our fundraising effort for the Adirondack Garda bicycling team.

Special thanks goes to the businesses that helped out: Sue Stefanik, Dry Dock, Bill McBride Chevrolet, Heins Family Dentistry, High Peaks Dental, Yardworks, John Ryan, the Store Tavern, Bob Hall, Bobby’s Lounge, Mckee & Associates, Plattsburgh Lions, Drs. Dave Smith and Lisa Marks and Brown Funeral Home.

And a big thanks to Essex County Sheriff Richard Cutting and Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill.

I couldn’t be successful in my efforts if it weren’t for the North Country and their assistance. All money raised goes for the families of law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

As I start for next year’s ride, I ask again for all of your help and assistance in fundraising. Still collecting cans and bottles all year, and donations are always welcome.

This was the 12th Tour de Force bicycle ride, and it was a memorable ride.


Retired New York State trooper



Tourney successful

TO THE EDITOR: The Travis Capen Memorial Golf Tournament was held Sept. 19 at The Barracks Golf Club in Plattsburgh.

Thanks to the following for their generous hole sponsorships: J. Hogan Refrigeration and Mechanical Inc., Bassett Construction, Adirondack Custom Granite, K&G Lawncare, Fuller Excavating Inc., Adirondack Locks, Thwaits-Zaumetzer Funeral Home, Ward Lumber, Daniel and Yvonne Thwaits and MJ Boyton Builders.

Also, to the following for raffle donations: Kneucraft Jewelry, North End Harley Davidson Shop, Zachary’s Pizza, Pizza Palace, Plattsburgh Golf, Friendly’s, Pizza Hut (Route 3), Texas Roadhouse, Plattsburgh Distributing, Ninety-Nine Restaurant, MaCadam’s Distributing, Crystal Rock Water, Air Sponge (Charlie Lawfer), Speedy Arnold, Finneys Sports, The Sign Maker and Moxies Designs.

The Travis Capen Scholarship Fund thanks these people for all the help: Lori and Pat Kivett, Kasey Kivett, Dave Thompson, Rita Capen, Jon Capen, Kris Phillips, Josh McMillan and Eddie Pepper.

Thank you to all who bought 50/50 tickets. The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Lanny Bruno.


AuSable Forks


Music celebration

TO THE EDITOR: In 1970, the mayor of Plattsburgh, Francis Steltzer, proclaimed the week of Oct. 19 to 23 Harmony Week.

Witnessing the signing were members of the two-year-old Sweet Adeline Barbershop Chorus. Culminating and highlighting the week was the Adeline’s musical program, “Harvest of Harmony,” held at the Strand Theater.

Fast forward to Oct. 19, 2013, when the Champlain Valley Chorus of Sweet Adelines celebrates its 45th anniversary at the newly renovated Strand Theater with its show “Celebrate.” Joining the performance will be the Northern Adirondack Vocal Ensemble, the Meter Maids and Notes of Accord.

In addition, Champlain Valley Chorus is sponsoring an all-day Sweet Expectations Workshop for young women from throughout the area. Under the direction of Ken Hughes, the girls will round out the evening of a cappella music.

We welcome friends, relatives, neighbors and past members to join us in celebration. The evening performance is 7 p.m. at the Strand Theater in Plattsburgh. Admission is $10 (general) or $8 (student/senior). Advance tickets are on sale at Edy’s, Peru Health Mart, General Trading Co., Plattsburgh Shipping and Mailing and Ultrawave.

For more information, visit www.champlainvalleychorus.org or call 846-8377.



Celebrate co-chairs




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