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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 20, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 2:25 am

Hockey painters

TO THE EDITOR: Earlier this year, I was approached by parent members of the North Country Youth Hockey (Cougar) organization with a request to paint the interior of the Rouses Point Civic Center.

This offer was more than an investment of time, which was quite extensive. Necessary materials were supplied, as well.

Parent involvement within this organization has always been important to its success, and they have been major supporters of the Civic Center for decades.

The following people deserve special thanks for their many hours of work, coordination of efforts, unique talents, painting and repainting to get it “just right” and dedication to our local youth and facility as we kick off another ice season: Richard Letourneau, Janice Letourneau, Larry Dupee, Norman Lague, Nancy LaValley, Tina Bedard, Roger Bedard, Todd Bulson and Matt Fredette.

Your amazing work is now complete, and our facility looks great. We are very grateful.

Please, when you see these people, join us in thanking them for their volunteerism and generous contribution to the Civic Center. They are not only devoted parents but supportive members of this community.

It is our pleasure to work for and with you, and we appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Best wishes for another successful season of youth hockey in the Northern Tier.




Rouses Point Civic Center employees


Corrupt government

TO THE EDITOR: The Republicans control the House of Representatives, which is half of the legislative branch of our government.

The president repeatedly said that he would not negotiate with the other party on raising the debt or the resolution to fund the government.

Since when are there not negotiations between the two legislative branches to come up with a compromise? Yes, the president was responsible for the shutdown and tried to make it as severe as possible.

People in the country who are fiscal conservatives, like myself, have been called racist, terrorist, hostage takers, anarchists, legislative arsonist, loons, fanatics, thugs and many other names that I will not mention.

We have a corrupt administration that will lie, withhold, change, ignore or do whatever is necessary to further their socialist agenda. Many of us are acting like sheep ready for the slaughter.

Obamacare does not cover illegal aliens, so they want to grant amnesty to about 11 million of them so that Obamacare will eventually cover them. Plus, they expect them to vote Democratic.

The insurance plans for union employees are specifically grandfathered under Section 1251(d) without the fine print exceptions that apply to others.

If our government told me that there was a blue sky outside, I would expect rain any minute.




Fun Runs appreciated

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter to bring recognition to those involved with organizing and running the Youth Fun Run series.

From April until October, the Town of Plattsburgh Recreation Department, City of Plattsburgh Recreation Department, Clinton County Youth Bureau (hopefully, I did not leave anyone out) and local parent and student volunteers come together and offer a non-competitive environment for kids of all ages to be active and have fun.

The Fun Runs change locations and weekdays depending on the time of year. When you arrive, you are greeted with a smile and rarely do you see an unhappy child (let’s face it; kids are kids, and you just can’t always keep them happy). The events are free of charge.

My son has a difficult time being involved in sports that require interacting in large groups of kids. These Fun Runs are amazing for him. He can go, be involved in a group event, but ultimately he runs for himself.

I really appreciate all of the planning and work that goes into these events. I hope that they continue, not only for my son, but for all the children who attend and have such a great time.

Thank you to all of those people and organizations that make this happen.




Roof project

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank the Friends of the Westport Heritage House who worked so hard to put together the spaghetti dinner in support of the roof repairs.

Between the dinners and donations, you helped the Heritage House roof project raise just over $600. Thank you to all of you who helped to make the spaghetti dinner a success. Thank you, for your dedication to our community.

The volunteerism in Westport continues to amaze me.


Westport Heritage House manager


Party hamstrung

TO THE EDITOR: Obamacare is law — no ands, ifs or buts.

If, in 2016, the GOP has a majority in both Houses and one of their ilk is president, they can repeal the law. I grant you, the likelihood of this happening is highly improbable, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

They have allowed an intolerant group of renegades to hamstring their own party, the government, and the country since 2008, but especially since 2012.

Using their enmity of Obama and anything with his signature on it, including Obamacare, they caused a shutdown of our government. It is beyond being petty and juvenile; it is utterly senseless and a true indication that the “new” GOP has little concern over the costs of the shutdown to all of us except for the rich billionaires who fund them and control them.

What the GOP has done is to force our nation, in 2016 and far beyond, to be vigilant against the attempted encroachment of power by any group within the halls of Congress.

Tea partiers venerate power, not principles. They manufacture facts calculated to produce sympathy, especially in those who confuse emotion for political intellect.

In 2016, except for the already diminished group of Tea Party adherents, I believe the remainder of the country’s intelligentsia will make sure the GOP’s dream remain as such.




Professional service

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank all the voters of Essex County who supported me and also those from other jurisdictions who called to express their support and desire to vote for me.

You are familiar with my qualifications, and you were able to form your own opinion about me as a person, a coroner and as a candidate for coroner to feel confident in casting your vote for me.

Whether you supported me or not, I will continue to serve you and your families and continue to provide the same compassionate, professional service that I have provided to more than 30 other families since taking this position.

The coroner’s job is not one of politics. It’s about service. Once again, thank you all. 


Essex County coroner



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