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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 15, 2012

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Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2012 2:25 am

City taxes

TO THE EDITOR: To the taxpayers of the City of Plattsburgh, how can the mayor and Common Council members tell us next year they may cut some of our services, increase our taxes and lay off some of the city employees when they are handing Bombardier the key to the city?

Do any of you realize Bombardier has been here since 1995 and has only paid taxes for the last two years?

In 2011, they paid a total of $164,521.22, and in 2012 they paid a total of $126,604.94 for four pieces of property. That is a reduction of $37,917.38.

Did you get a reduction in your taxes? I didn’t.

Now all the union members are asking is negotiate in good faith, and they keep putting them off. It’s about time the taxpayers start making the ones we elect accountable to us and quit giving the store away to companies whose only thought is to line their pockets at our expense.




Tobacco impact

TO THE EDITOR: I am a family-practice physician working at Alice Hyde Medical Center since 2005.

My field of interest is palliative care, a special kind of care that involves patients with serious illnesses and their families.

I am writing about the importance of tobacco-use prevention and how the North Country Tobacco Cessation Center is helping to achieve that.

Every day, I see the adverse effects tobacco has on people, developing lung and heart conditions that are life-threatening and most of the time ending up in severe disabilities and eventually death. This has very difficult impact not only on the patient but their families.

I know how busy we are as health-care professionals and how important is prevention in this area; North Country Tobacco Cessation Center helps us with tools to achieve this goal and take good care of our community.

Also, I am the mother of three young children. Last year, my oldest child, who was in second grade at the time, had to do a poster on healthy habits for his School Health Fair. He chose the theme “Be Healthy: Don’t Smoke.” I was very proud of him and also confident that every effort we put in prevention will be beneficial for our kids. 

By preaching by example, whether we are in a doctor’s office or a school setting, I believe we can have a positive impact on tobacco use prevention, which is, believe it or not, the leading cause of preventable chronic disease and premature death in the United States.





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