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Letters to the Editor: May 16, 2013

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Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2013 3:25 am

No hidden agenda

TO THE EDITOR: I am supporting Andrew Brockway for a seat on the Beekmantown School Board on May 21.

Andrew is a hard-working person who is committed to working on the issues facing the district. He understands the need to plan for our future and that we must find a superintendent who will squeeze the budget so that we can get the most for our money.

Brockway will be a collaborator and doesn’t have a hidden agenda, nor does he have any relatives employed by the school. There is no conflict of interest that will cloud his judgment.

Andrew is a Beekmantown grad and wants to improve his alma mater without cutting jobs or increasing class sizes.

Please vote for Andrew Brockway for BCS Board on May 21. 




Support for Hagadorn

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter on behalf of Michael Hagadorn, who is running for a seat on the Beekmantown School Board.

I have had the pleasure to know Michael Hagadorn for several years. Michael is an amazing ER physician’s assistant at CVPH and has treated my kids and myself several times while visiting the ER.

Along with him being a physician’s assistant, he is also an amazing father. I have had the pleasure to coach his children at the City Munchin Soccer program.

Michael knows how important sports, exercise and extracurricular activities are for kids to participate in. Physical activity is an essential component for kids to learn about good health and how it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Michael supports these activities that also contribute to a more successful school program, where students are able to reach their goals.

Michael has the students’ best interest at heart and will be a great asset to the School Board at Beekmantown. His children, like mine, attend Cumberland Head Elementary School.




Considers all views

TO THE EDITOR: Andrew Brockway is currently running for a seat on the Beekmantown School Board.

Andrew moved back to the area after completing law school and has opened his practice here. I have known Mr. Brockway, and he will provide perspective and make tough decisions that members in the past have failed to make.

He recognizes that there needs to be fiscal restraint in order to stop the property-tax rate from skyrocketing, but he also understands that we cannot do it to the harm of the teachers or the students.

Andrew will consider all possibilities and viewpoints when making a choice.

Please join me in voting for Andrew Brockway for the BCS Board on May 21. 




Caring, charitable

TO THE EDITOR: It is not my habit to write to the editor on behalf of those running for local offices. However, in this case, it is my pleasure and an honor.

This letter is in support of Ken Maurer, and, in typical Ken fashion, my words will be brief.

It has been my fortune and blessing to know Ken over the last three years. Ken is a quiet, loving, caring, charitable and moral man.

Ken’s character, sensibility and love for children will be of great benefit to the students, teachers, School Board and, most importantly, the taxpayers in the Beekmantown School District.

May God bless Ken’s effort, and may God bless the Beekmantown School District.




Intelligent, professional

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Andrew Brockway for one of the three seats on the Beekmantown School Board.

I know Andrew is a good choice because I work with him. He is an intelligent, professional person and is committed in any task he undertakes. He will pursue any avenue and fully inform himself before he makes a decision.

Andrew also understands the importance of fiscal planning and minimizing costs when feasible.

Support Andrew Brockway for the Beekmantown School Board on May 21 at the BCS gym. 




Financially conservative

TO THE EDITOR: Beekmantown School District would benefit considerably from the addition of Michael Hagadorn to the School Board.

Mike and I met shortly after he moved to the North Country. I jokingly asked Mike why he moved to the North Country, and he stated that he loved the area and wanted to raise is family here. So now, 12 years have passed, and he has three wonderful children soon to be part of the Beekmantown School District.

Mike is a committed member of our community whose drive and determination will benefit the school system and taxpayers as well. Mike’s ability to think outside of the box when finding solutions will prove useful to a school district that clearly needs some redirection.

Being fiscally conservative and financially responsible are attributes that describe Mike Hadagorn, and as a taxpayer in the district I feel confident that he will move the Beekmantown School District in the direction it needs.




Atmosphere of respect

TO THE EDITOR: I grew up in Fort Covington and currently live in Kingstowne, Va., a suburb of Washington, D.C.

Most people who know me in the Salmon River Central School District would understand my devout love and unwavering commitment to a strong school family, one that includes my three student nieces and a brother that serves as a school administrator.

I understand and firmly believe that the candidates I support keep the very best interests of the people that they represent closest at heart in their actions and decision-making.

This is why I endorse Emily Lauzon, my aunt, as a candidate for the SRCS School Board and ask you to support her bid for re-election.

Throughout my career service to Indian people at the U.S. Department of the Interior, I have witnessed community poverty in the sense of loss of culture, insufficient school buildings, a lack of qualified teachers and deep shortages of funding.

Each of these tough issues can be struggling for a school leader, especially a board member. These are struggles Emily has faced during her time representing members of the SRCS community.

The core of struggle is to examine every side of important and controversial issues in an atmosphere of reasoned argument and respectful dialogue — skills that Emily tries to incorporate into every form of decision-making relative to the concerns of the teachers, children and school community she represents.

Some may think I’m an outsider to the school community right now, but my message is clear: Emily’s years of experience as a board member and her commitment to community service make her the best choice to serve as on the SRCS Board.

Please re-elect Emily Lauzon in her bid to stay on the SRCS Board.


Alexandria, VA



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