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Letters to the Editor: May 14, 2014

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Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 3:25 am

County bus system

TO THE EDITOR: It comes as no surprise to read about the current troubles of Clinton County Public Transportation.

This system is the same one that panic cancels routes at 5 p.m. on days when there are flurries, stranding people in Plattsburgh.

Riders’ choices are to call someone or pay, for example, the $60 taxi fare to Champlain.

To further the damage, the message is not effectively delivered in a timely fashion.

The people who ride the system do it because they have to. It’s the only way some people can get to appointments that include medical, professional and legal.

County Legislator Harry McManus is quoted in Saturday’s Press-Republican: “A lot of people use it (the system) and need it, and this is a service that I feel we have to provide our citizens.” But later in the article, he says, “We may wind up combining or eliminating some of the less efficient routes.”

It’s all about money.

What group of people will the administrators choose to devastate by the loss of more routes, like the last round of eliminations? How many people will lose their jobs or have to uproot their families and move to Plattsburgh to be able to live?

The problem with the CCPT system is management. When was the last time we saw a television ad or heard a radio spot promoting use of the system as an alternative to $4/gallon gas prices? Or that you can relax, read the paper and enjoy a safe ride to work? 

There is no smart-phone app, and the CCPT “website” is grade-school quality. Right before I typed this letter, the page had route information for March 13 on it.

The system limps because its management leg is broken. Fix it; we deserve better.




NCCS candidate

TO THE EDITOR: I am running for a seat on the NCCS School Board.

I have been a resident of the Mooers Community since 1979. I left the area for a few years and came back in 1998.

I have since married into one of most wonderful families in the area and have two beautiful girls who are just starting their journey through the grades of school.

These reasons are what drive me to desire this position, besides that fact that I, myself, was homeschooled for high school and would like to know more about the public school system.

I believe that children are extremely important to the community because they are the ones who will be running things for us as we get older. To have educated and well-rounded students should be of utmost importance to us as a community.

I know, as most people do, that money has become tight over the past few years, and looking for smart ways to spend money should also be on the agenda.

As a previous employee of Bombardier for eight years, I was given the opportunity to achieve Six Sigma Certification, which will be an asset in researching ways to save money without losing efficiency.

I have always been a team player and a good mediator for opposing sides. I like to ask the questions that make people really think about the forest and not just the tree that is in front of them.

Research and being well informed for decisions is my strong suit.

So if you are looking for someone who loves our children and our wonderful teachers, please vote for Rená Bosley.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.


Mooers Forks


Hospital decision

TO THE EDITOR: I wonder what was the financial basis for the analysis and decision to cut emergency-room service in Lake Placid.

Did the hospital administration use actual O&M cost or did they use the discredited, but prevalent, chargemaster fees (Time, March 4, 2013) that are so inflated and without any connection to reality.

When an aspirin is charged at $5 but actually cost 5 cents and insurance pays 15 cents, a loss of $4.85 can be claimed.

It was also claimed that the facilities were not up to date, but who has been responsible for the facility for the last several years? The very same hospital administration that is complaining that the facilities are not up to date.

I believe there has been a concerted effort to justify closing a facility that draws patient activity away from the main hospital in Saranac Lake.

I can testify from personal experience that the Saranac Lake emergency room is inadequately staffed and that even in the middle of the day in the middle of the week, a patient can languish for hours in pain without proper treatment.




Doheny candidacy

TO THE EDITOR: After reading about Matt Doheny’s new run for Congress, I came away wondering what could taxpayers expect from someone who twice couldn’t control himself and paid fines for two boating-under-the-influence incidents.

This in itself should disqualify him, as it shows poor judgment.

Voters only have to listen to Doheny’s take on health care to see he doesn’t know the needs of ordinary citizens. He says he aims to “roll back” the Affordable Care Act.

This means hundreds of thousands of college students will lose health insurance because their parents won’t be able to keep them on their policies.

It means millions of people on Medicare will be paying more for needed medications.

Those with pre-existing conditions will have to go back to not being able to be insured or forced to pay exorbitant rates with high deductibles.

Mr. Doheny says he knows the people of the North Country and their needs. He speaks about “overregulation” and wants the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to back off on protecting the public from possible contamination of our food by spillage or pesticides.

My take on candidate Doheny is that if taxpayers want a carbon copy of what already exists in Washington they should vote for him.

If people want to lose their Medicare and health insurance, he is the one that will do his best to make their wish come true.

If people don’t care about the quality of food, again Doheny is the candidate.

Mr. Doheny has twisted facts, as every Republican candidate has done.

In closing, let me remind everyone of David Hannum, a rival of P.T. Barnum, who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Matt Doheny is counting on Mr. Hannum being right.




Beekmantown candidate

TO THE EDITOR: I am running for the Beekmantown Central School Board because I am a concerned parent and resident.

I believe that we need members who will make thoughtful and educated decisions to give our students the best education that our community resources can afford.

I want the staff and administration to have the support of the board so they may have the necessary means to do their job effectively and financially sound.

I will work hard and always be up front and honest. I will represent all the people, whether I agree or disagree with their opinions.





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