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Letters to the Editor: May 6, 2013

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Posted: Monday, May 6, 2013 3:25 am

Airport crosswinds

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is in reference to your article about Allegiant having to land elsewhere.

Isn’t this interesting. Now, Allegiant Air is landing elsewhere because of strong crosswinds at our local airport. Not too long ago, we had an unexpected visitor when one of Burlington’s scheduled airliners had the same problem over there, so they landed here.

That makes me wonder how come Allegiant decided to land in New Hampshire, over a hundred miles away.

I know the usual plan is to allow for a landing at an alternate airport somewhere along the route, should it be needed for such a situation, but that far off the route seems a little ridiculous. Something smells wrong here.

If the crosswinds were so strong here, Burlington’s major runway is almost 90 degrees to ours; therefore they could have made a safe landing there for a lot less customer inconvenience.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not really in favor of any of our flight service providers being across the lake, but the only other option I can see is to put a “crosswind” runway here, as we had at the former Clinton County Airport. And there was one planned as part of the very first Airport Master Plan for Plattsburgh International, before the county officially took it over.

That would entail a lot of work on the part of our county and airport officials, and to be honest, I’m not too sure they are up to the task. I hope I’m wrong, and they will address this issue.




Kasprzak praised

TO THE EDITOR: The April 25 Press-Republican article announcing Mayor Donald Kasprzak’s decision not to run again saddened me as much as the last national election, of which I am still grieving.

It appeared to me, in that same article, that one of the next candidates-to-be has already vowed to undo the good Don has done by promising a program of spending again.

I commend Don for keeping the public informed of the activities of the local unions who would prefer they be kept from their employer, the taxpayers.

He has done an outstanding job aligning the City of Plattsburgh’s finances and restoring her bond rating, of which we should all be grateful.

Good luck to you, Don, and thank you for extending your integrity and work ethics.You will surely be missed.




Jihadist beliefs

TO THE EDITOR: In the aftermath of the Boston bombing, it is time to evaluate our enemies.

When I saw the newsflash, my mind told me that Muslim Jihadists were the most likely sadists to carry out such an atrocious act. I was not wrong.

Jihadists are usually from the Shia sect of Islam who practice the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan-al-Banna in Egypt. Its motto: “The Quran is our constitution, Jihad is our way and dying for God our supreme objective.”

To expound on who the Brotherhood’s enemies are, Sayed Qutb, a Brotherhood commander, says: “All non-Muslims, including the people of the book (Jews and Christians), are infidels. Among the babies begat by the Brotherhood are the notorious Mufti of Jerusalem in pre-state Israel, Haj Amin Husseini, whose mentor was Adolf Hitler. In our generation, there are Hamas, Hezbollah and Bin Laden’s Al-Queida.

Their ideology is Islamic supremacy, which frames matters as “Dar-es-Islam versus Dar-es-Harb.”......roughly translates as the realm of Islam in a fight to the death with the realm of war.....which is everyone and everyplace else.

They recognize no innocents or bystanders, even an 8-year-old waiting for his dad to cross the finishing line or Malala, the 14-year-old Afghan girl they shot in the head.

Israel lives literally under siege from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Ayatollahs, but because of her eternal vigilance, she has survived.

The United States will move on after Boston, and Jihadists should note that their days are numbered.




Standardized testing

TO THE EDITOR: A recent editorial dealing with “Pressure from excessive testing” addresses many of the serious issues surrounding the movement to standardize education.

Two statements seem to warrant further discussion.

While the Press-Republican supports standardized tests as one important tool for evaluating the progress of students and schools, they raise an honest question about just how effective these tests are at evaluating the college and career potential of 8- and 9-year-olds.

Because standardized testing has seemingly been around forever, are we to assume that what is known about individual differences is to be set aside because a one-size-fits-all test is claimed to be a legitimate way to measure learning outcomes? Many experts agree these tests cannot account for an individual’s complex learning outcomes.

The statement that the newspaper endorses the periodic evaluation of teachers because for too long, tenure has protected some ineffective and uninspired educators raises other questions. Did the newspaper consider the fact that tenure also protects many who have been trying to effect improvements in the system only to find resistance to change by some of those in charge? Was there any discussion about the possible relationship between low performance and a top-down organization of the school?


Professor emeritus of education



Protect ourselves

TO THE EDITOR: Did you ever notice that music can take you back in time?

It’s the only time travel we will ever know in this lifetime. It invokes memories, inspires us and will never die. Certain songs trigger memories of lost loves, boot camp, war zones, college.

Where would we be without music? It even makes us feel younger than we actually are. It even brings back departed loved ones, at least in our memory. It relives stress, makes us whole, brings us closer to God and the universe at large.

Most of all, it makes us think, reflect and even take action. It makes us who we are.

With that said, there is too much violence in this world. Some of it is supposed to be for the sake of God. Would he want that? You see bumper stickers with “Co-exist.” Really? That’s nice. Trouble is you can’t co-exist if the enemy doesn’t want to. He is too busy killing for a cause. The Boston Marathon bombings proved that.

So far, the government has done a good job of protecting us since 9-11 but we need to be more careful; there are too many soft targets.

We have to help protect ourselves. All of us have to look around us and use caution. We need to be alert.

Finally, I saw a Speakout article entitled “Seniors” that implied that seniors are bankrupting today’s youth with the overwhelming costs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I need to remind this young person, who did not care to give us his/her name, that these seniors have been paying into this system for years. These are benefits that they paid for not entitlements.

If anything is bankrupting you, it is those who live off this system without ever paying into it. Remember that.

Music provides an escape from the insanity of the world. It is only a temporary escape. Sometimes you have to turn off the music and face the reality of the world around you. Face the music.





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