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Letters to the Editor: June 1, 2013

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Posted: Saturday, June 1, 2013 3:25 am

Taking responsibility

TO THE EDITOR: If it were your son or daughter that the U.S. Secretary of State didn’t protect, would you be concerned? I think so.

On Sept. 11, 2012, Hillary Clinton didn’t respond to any of the calls for help from her staff in Benghazi Libya. Our commander-in-chief in the White House didn’t either.

American sons died after hours of fierce fighting. They got no help from the greatest armed forces in the world.

Our military started to deploy as real soldiers do and were ordered to “stand down” by the White House. Gen. McCrystal resigned because of this indifference of American lives. As a soldier, he wanted to support the consulate at Benghazi, but Washington didn’t like not being in complete control. Calls were made, and drones could see our people getting shot up in real time.

Not many of our elected in Washington have been shot at with anything more than words so there was no cause for their alarm, and elections were just days away. The White House had smoothly won over hearts and minds in all of the conflict areas.

President Obama stated Benghazi was just a bump in the road. When Hillary Clinton was asked in Congress more than once about Benghazi, she angrily stated, what difference does it make?

These bumps in the road and what differences don’t make much difference in Washington because they weren’t their sons or daughters.

You saw their lack of respect for American life in their actions, and then you heard it loud and clear when they spoke of Benghazi days after.

Never let these two be responsible for your sons or daughters or America again. Remember this in November 2016.

These people will never feel the responsibility of the positions they accepted.




Soldiers listed

TO THE EDITOR: I am a volunteer for Town of Plattsburgh Historian Jerry Bates.

I have identified and documented men from the Village (today, the city) and Town of Plattsburgh who served in the Civil War.

In conjunction with Museum Weekend, which will be held countywide June 1 and 2, I would like to invite the public to visit Plattsburgh Town Hall to see the exhibit.

It contains an alphabetical list of soldiers who served and the units they were in. It contains more than 3,000 names. There is also a carousel set up by that unit that provides more detailed information about the soldier.

If your family is from the local area, it is almost assured that you have one or more relatives on this list. Come find that missing veteran or just add some information to your family tree.

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.




Teens honored

TO THE EDITOR: The Adirondack Chapter of National Association of Insurance and Investment Advisors held its 14th-annual Teen of the Year banquet and named Taylor Lincoln of AuSable Valley Middle High School as its Volunteer Teen of the Year.

The award is given each year to recognize teens in the North Country for exemplary volunteer service.

NAIFA is a group of financial professionals who meet to encourage high professional and ethical standards in their industry. Nominations came from many high schools.

Taylor received a $500 cash prize. Runners-up Kristen Napper of Saranac High School and Elizabeth Uliva of Peru High School each received $250 cash prizes.

Seven other nominees received $50 cash prizes and certificates: Jennifer McGinn, Sierra Wimett, Jessica Spaulding, Bradley Cech, Brooke Layhee, Kallie McGrath and Megan Zmijewski. The banquet was held at American Legion Post 20 in Plattsburgh.

Four judges independently graded submissions, from which names and identifying information had been redacted. Their rankings were compiled to determine the winner and runner-up. The award was presented by chapter President Nicole Laravia and Rosemary Souza-Botten. I was the emcee at the banquet.

We would like to thank our judges for their time: Sara Rowden, Jim Frenya, Kerry Haley, Peter Ensel and Glen Michaels.

We would also like to thank our advertisers: Agency Insurance Brokers, MetLife Financial Services, Northern Insuring, Jay Kerley State Farm Insurance, West Bay Financial Group, Eric T. Spaulding, William J. Bereza Financial Services, True Insurance Agency, Joe Connor–MassMutual, Duke’s Diner, Financial Services, Warren Tire, Stephen Kende–MassMutual, and Laura Holzer Personal Wellness.

For further information, call me at 561-9674 or email Cadieux peter@nlvmail.com.





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