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Letters to the Editor: Jan. 17, 2013

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Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2013 2:25 am



TO THE EDITOR: Yesterday, I was listening to Gov. Cuomo speaking on firearms control.

He stated that he owned an 870 shotgun. Well, boys and girls, I worked for a 

state agency that used firearms,  and at every annual training session it was drummed into our heads full of mush that the 870 shotgun was the most devastating weapon in our arsenal. No, boys and girls, not the AR-15 rifle but the sportsman’s favorite: the 870 shotgun.

I, for one, am stunned that our benevolent governor would own such a beast. I’m sure the poor soul carries deep within himself a deep fear that one day that piece of inanimate steel will suddenly come to life like the little wooden boy and of its own malevolent volition spring from its nest and engage in God knows what.

I, for one, think that the good governor should rid himself and our wretched state of that terrible monster that he harbors in his own home.





TO THE EDITOR: On Monday, Jan. 7, I was taking my husband to a doctor’s appointment in the old Merkels building downtown.

My husband is handicapped and has to be transported in a wheelchair. After parking in the city parking lot on Durkee Street, I proceeded across snow-and-slush-covered sidewalks toward the doctor’s office. About 15 feet from the door, the wheelchair got stuck, and I could not go forward or backward.

While I was contemplating my dilemma, a kind gentleman offered his help and got me to the door of the building.

Upon leaving the building a while later, I faced the problem of getting my husband down a curb across the street over another curb and to my car through snow and slush. Again, l was blessed to have another kind gentleman help me maneuver through the snow and slush and to my car.

I thanked these two men, but I would like to thank them publicly as they have restored my faith in humanity.

If I am not mistaken, there is a city ordinance requiring property owners to keep their sidewalks clear. It is more important to comply with this law where there is an abundance of foot traffic.





TO THE EDITOR: I have been listening and writing of the pros and cons of the 7-35.

I moved up here 15 years ago. I worked for an outfit that bought metals from Germany and Switzerland. They made doors and windows for special jobs.

I had to pick up metal that came into JFK airport.

I talked with a man on the docks. He said the people were complaining about the Concorde, so they took a test. The 747 that flew into JFK was louder than the Concorde landing and taking off.

I hope these people in the North Country remember Pearl Harbor, the Twin Towers, the attack on the White House.

We need the 7-35 for protection against bombing or invasion from a foreign country; it can happen, sneak attacks.





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