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Letters to the Editor: Jan. 19, 2013

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Posted: Saturday, January 19, 2013 2:25 am


at a cost

TO THE EDITOR: In regards to Keeseville village dissolution, please stop and think about the services that have been provided in the past, like sanded and plowed roads, streets fixed, garbage pickup, water and sewage, etc. Yes, they may be done by the two towns if the village residents let it, but believe me, it will be at a cost and no one wants to talk about that.

There will be two towns involved with these services, plus extra people doing these tasks and extra equipment that comes at a large cost. We are one of the few historical villages left in New York state. We should want to save and preserve what we have and not worry about trying to change things that are not for the better.

Remember, you get nothing for nothing. Everything comes at a cost.

Vote no for dissolution on Jan. 22.





TO THE EDITOR: As longtime residents of the Village of Keeseville, we would like to tell you why we favor dissolution of the village.

First of all, dissolution will result in no more village tax. For our family, that results in an annual savings of over $550 (in 2012 $630).

Secondly, the streets and some roads will be be maintained, plowed and sanded by the respective towns, who do an excellent job of keeping our roads safe.

Third, all current services, with the exception of curbside garbage pickup, will continue uninterrupted.

Fourth, the dissolution study looked at the continuation of employment for the village employees and found that the majority would be able to continue as town employees when dissolution is completed.

To summarize: A layer of government will be removed; tax savings will result; the towns of Chesterfield and Ausable will “step up” and take over all essential services.

Please vote to dissolove the village on Jan. 22.





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