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Letters to the Editor: Jan. 4, 2013

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Posted: Friday, January 4, 2013 2:25 am

Helped by students

TO THE EDITOR: On Friday, Dec. 14, I had an opportunity to witness three SUNY Plattsburgh seniors in action helping a 71-year-old man move from his upstairs apartment to the downstairs apartment.

I was the lucky recipient of their kindness, courtesy and muscles, compliments of their Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity.

These three young men, Corey LaBello, Simon Ventura and Tyler Diener, carried countless heavy articles up and down 16 flights of stairs, which I was unable to do. When they finished helping me, they refused monetary compensation for all their hard work. Try as I could, they remained insistent on no compensation from me.

This was one way they could help out someone in our community and do it in the name of their fraternity and brothers.

I would also like to thank Deborah Brunner of SUNY Plattsburgh for making all this possible. I’m a happy and grateful man.




Crucial to retirees

TO THE EDITOR: Medicare and Social Security are crucial components of retirement for many New Yorkers.

Changes to these programs discussed in Washington as part of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations have no place in that conversation. The politicians refer to these programs as “entitlement” programs. They are not an entitlement. I am sick and tired of these programs being called something that the federal government entitles to me. I have paid into these programs my entire working life.

Limit the retirement benefits and health care of elected politicians before limiting our programs that we have paid for.




Equal reductions

TO THE EDITOR: As a recipient of both Medicare and Social Security, I propose we subtract the same percentage (proposed reduction of Social Security benefits) from their salaries (all individuals benefiting from federal pensions that remain the same as when “working”) and/or retirement income, as well as place all government officials on the same medical benefits we receive, i.e., Medicare or for those under 65, a regular insurance plan.

Oh, yes,and place their full benefits, paid by them, as income and not excluded.

Those with very limited income should not be punished to fund elected or appointed government officials.

In other words: If one group is cut, the other should also be subjected to the same percentage of cut.





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