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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 6, 2012

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Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012 2:25 am

Demand progress

TO THE EDITOR: Let’s stop wasting time reading the crap in The Wall Street Journal, which tells you why Obama “won ugly” or in The New York Times, which assures you he “earned his re-election.” Let’s stop our own moaning about who got elected and who didn’t.

Short of revolution, “We the people” of this once respected and successful nation must demand that Congress and the president work together — not just for the next four years but for generations to come.

This can occur only if bipartisanship becomes the norm. Failure of this to occur at all levels of government will repeat what this country endured for decades, not just in the last four years — they have been the worst of times and revealed the worst in men.

Direct reciprocity (cooperation) abounds in the real world. Cooperation helped our species evolve and lies at the core of who we are. For example, if Jones has a flat tire but no jack and his neighbor Smith loans the jack to Jones, Jones is more apt to help Smith solve one of his own problems — all in the spirit of cooperation.

If the speaker of the House won’t stand up against the religious-right demigods and Tea Partyers (in the chamber and the lobby backrooms), “We the people” must demand his replacement. If the Democratic majority leader and his Republican counterpart cannot quit sniping at each other, “We the people” must demand they, too, step down.

“We the people” must never accept the premise “it’s out of our hands.” Blitz Congress and the White House with letters and emails until we see progress.

Just imagine if a spirit of cooperation existed within and between the House and Senate and between Congress and the president. Just imagine.




Response re-interpreted

TO THE EDITOR: I read with a great deal of interest the editorial in the Nov. 27 Press-Republican noting the effusive praise the area received in a letter to the paper from a couple who had vacationed in the area.

This was contrasted with another letter talking about tourists who had entered the United States, apparently at a Clinton County port of entry. The writer was upset that the border officer asked the tourists “Why Plattsburgh?” with an accompanying frown, as if he were disparaging Plattsburgh as a tourist destination.

I am a retired federal immigration officer with 27 years of service, mostly at the very busy Champlain Port of entry. The question asked was very pertinent. If an applicant cannot give a reasonable answer to the question, there would be followup questions to determine the validity of the trip. As to the officer’s frown, many officers work double 16-hour shifts due to a shortage of manpower, and just maybe he was tired and not particularly cheerful.

As to promoting local tourism, we, as officers, are trained and repeatedly told not to promote any specific tourist destination when asked but to reply in general terms.

I hope this helps reinterpret the officer’s question and body language.




Derailed trail

TO THE EDITOR: Joe Demarco, do you have nothing better to do than vent your spleen on the public?

Some people are disgusted with your tirades. Your train of thought seems to be derailed of late.

All I can say is three little words: Shut up, Joe. (Please).





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