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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 31, 2013

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Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 2:25 am

Stating beliefs

TO THE EDITOR: Personally, I have never watched “Duck Dynasty” and have no intention of ever doing so; it is a ludicrous show.

Why is he being vilified for stating his religious beliefs? I do believe the United States has freedom of speech.

Some of the problems are Creator created, i.e., homosexuality, same-sex marriage. Who is he to judge?

The problem that was most disturbing was “backstabbing.” This is a serious problem created by jealousy and lying by “human beings.” They are welcomed by people with the affliction.

If a person cannot think for one’s self, he/she has a serious problem. Say what you really think and believe. Do not seek popularity by this twisted manner; it always backfires.

I’ve seen it happen many times, and the results were always well deserved.




District funding

TO THE EDITOR: The Plattsburgh City School Board has shown us that they have a sense of humor.

After years of budget battles, tax increases and disappointing state funding, the board’s longest-serving member recently suggested that Texas Roadhouse patrons help fund our School District.

We fear the recent call for shorter terms (and possibly term limits?) may risk the loss of such volunteers. After all, it’s taken this board member 37 years to acquire such wit, wisdom and experience.

To suggest that donations be made to the School District instead of United Way, Red Cross or Hospice may be a hard choice for some, but we favor the charities every time. We’re almost ashamed to admit that our decisions are influenced by the fact that 85 percent of our donations to the PCSD would go to teachers whose salaries are in the top 22 percent of upstate school districts, despite our students’ performance on Core Curriculum and Regents testing that is at or below the state median. We guess that results should somehow go hand in hand with pay.

We’re also concerned about our ability to attract economic development when PCSD is ranked by USA.com as No. 780 out of 871 schools in the state.

By contrast, Chazy is ranked No. 260 out of 871, and they achieved that with teachers whose salaries are in the bottom 10 percent of all upstate school districts.

Call us crazy, but there’s a disconnect here somewhere.

Nevertheless, we applaud the board member’s efforts to bring some humor to the real problems faced by school districts everywhere — high costs and mediocre results.

Unfortunately, we don’t think the answers lie with our wealthy patrons at Texas Roadhouse.







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