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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 8, 2013

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Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2013 3:25 am

Endless energy

TO THE EDITOR: Recently I discussed quality-of-life issues with Rachelle Armstrong, who is running for Ward 1 counselor.

She is a woman of endless energy who wants to bring the sense of community back to Plattsburgh. As a mother and grandmother whose children and grandchildren live in the city, she has a vested interest in revitalizing downtown and keeping Plattsburgh an affordable place to live.

Part of Rachelle’s platform is responsible development. She understands the need for development, yet we must do so with the environment in mind.

The lakefront is a great attraction, not only for city residents but also for Canadians, who spend a lot of money here. Its development must be carefully planned so all people can have access and enjoy it for years to come.

This concept ties in to another part of Rachelle Armstrong’s platform: that the city develops a plan for the future. Namely, where we see ourselves and how are we going to get there.

This requires careful coordinated planning in a non-adversarial environment. Toward that end, she told me about her experience as a local educator, where she had to harness the power of diverse stakeholders for the common good, which is not only possible but the best way to move forward in these challenging economic times.

She understands that competing against the town is not the way to go; rather the city and town should complement each other, each feeding the other in ways that make them more successful.

The current administration has done a commendable job on holding the line with respect to the city budget, but it is now time to start injecting new life and vitality into the city.

Rachelle Armstrong is a candidate who can help deliver the City of Plattsburgh to a better future.




Rating presidents

TO THE EDITOR: Some at our White House were nifty,

While others, some might say, were shifty.

So how would I rate,

Current First Lady’s mate?

He’s in my top forty — or fifty.





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