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Letters to the Editor: April 3, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 3:25 am


TO THE EDITOR: We would like to send out our sincere gratitude to the Town of Lyon Mountain and the surrounding communities for giving our family such an amazing benefit.

We cannot express enough how grateful we are. A special thank you to Bill Chase, who organized the whole benefit; you truly are a loving and caring person. Thank you to Ves Pivetta and all of the local townships for their support and donations.

Another thank you to all the special people who helped and prepared all of the food, and to all who donated money, gifts and items for the auction. Our family is truly blessed to have all of you in our lives.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers. May God bless all of you.


Lyon Mountain


Protect union

TO THE EDITOR: Every three years, without fail, just around contract negotiation time, an effort is launched to get rid of the union.

They all have failed. Hopefully, this one will fail too. This industry has a lot of turnover in three years time, and the new employees do not really understand what is at stake here.

The main ones are: representation vs non-representation, written contract vs no contract.

Did you know that New York state is a right-to-hire state? This means that an employer has the right to hire at will and also terminate at will. The only protection against that right is union representation.

At a time when we should be standing together united and strong, you who are pushing for dissolution are showing the company division and weakness. Stay strong. Stay union.





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