On Religion

On Religion
  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Pope Francis and the top stories of 2013

    To no one's surprise, the election of Pope Francis was selected as the year's No. 1 religion story.

    December 27, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Quoting Mother Teresa

    Religion columnist Terry Mattingly recalls his meeting with the person he considers the most remarkable he has ever encountered.

    December 16, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Memories of a pastor in Buenos Aires

    For those who encountered Pope Francis while he was a South American Cardinal, the message in his first major papal statement does not come as a surprise, writes religion columnist Terry Mattingly.

    December 9, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg C.S. Lewis: As popular as ever after 50 years

    One of the world's most famous Christian writers and a former atheist, Lewis believed that far too many people in the modern world were slipping into an "easy," "fashionable" agnosticism, writes relligion columnist Terry Mattingly.

    December 2, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Blame it on Woodstock

    Religion columnist Terry Mattingly examines how one scholar views the impact of American cultural changes on our understanding of religious liberty.

    November 25, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Classic Billy Graham at age 95, one more time

    Religion columnist Terry Mattingly writes about what could be the final sermon of Rev. Billy Graham.

    November 18, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Taking the devil very seriously, for 40 years

    The goal of writer William Peter Blatty, who wrote "The Exorcist," was to defend the faith through writing, says religion columnist Terry Mattingly.

    November 11, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Rethinking the nones

    Pew researchers unveil the jarring fact that 20 percent of U.S. adults -- including 32 percent under the age of 30 -- embrace the "religiously unaffiliated" label, writes religion columnist Terry Mattingly.

    November 4, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg Military chaplains back on front lines

    Changes in military guidelines for chaplains create a moral conflict writes religion columnist, Terry Mattingly.

    October 21, 2013 1 Photo

  • Terry_Mattingly.jpg The hole in the middle of American Jewry

    Religion columnist Terry Mattingly examines concerns that only 33 percent of American Jews believe being part of a Jewish community is "essential to being Jewish."

    October 14, 2013 1 Photo