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Franklin County Property Transactions

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Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 3:28 am

MALONE -- Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County Feb. 1 through 28, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:

To Michele E. Carriere and Dora J. Carriere from Johanna Kelly, Franklin, $73,500.

To Scott D.Fairchild and Lori A. Fairchild, Malone, $30,000.

To Zachary Davidson and Jack Davidson, Brighton, $129,000.

To Robert J. Tripp from Allen Tripp, Randy Tripp, Josie Tripp and Pebbles Stewart, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Christian Murguia and Jennifer Carpenter from James E. Wiles III and Ellen M. Wiles, Harrietstown, $194,000.

To Lori A. Wood from Community Bank, Chateaugay, $95,000.

To Frank King, Briana King, Scott King, Dawn King from Kenneth Cooper and Nada Cooper, Brandon, $35,000.

To Four Brothers & A Friend LLC from Daniel E. Clark, Bruce Monette, Richard Lavigne and Glenn Champagne, Malone, $250,000.

To Diane Rivers from Wade Rivers and Maureen Lanctot, Constable, $1.

To Cathy Trudeau from Cathy Trudeau executrix of estate of Ola Marie Trudeau, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Garret H. Donhauser and Erin M. Donhauser from Barbara Plumadore executrix of estate of Raymond A. Larose, Harrietstown, $140,500.

To Linda L. Guerin from Linda L. Guerin, administrator of the estate of Viola Underwood, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Cynthia L. Lewis and Robert N. Lewis from Judith M. McGinn executrix of the estate of Michael McGinn, Tupper Lake, $20,000.

To Wendy Wit from Christine Susanne Wit, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Eli J. Reid and Sylvia D. Cohen from James McKee and Mary McKee, Malone, $130,000.

To David L. Edwards from Marcella M. Trudeau and Terry M. Trudeau, Moira, $1.

To Terry M. Trudeau and Marcella M. Trudeau from David L. Edwards, Moira, $2,500.

To Julie L. Sloan from Sheldon Ross Sloan, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Charles J. McGuire, Florilda McGuire, Terrance J. McGuire, from Terence J. McGuire, successor trustee of Charles J. McGuire and Florilda M. McGuire Revocable Living Trust, Malone, zero dollars.

To Peter A. Dumas, Paula A. McNerney, Andrea M. Dumas, Angela M. Coley, Matthew D. Dumas, Stephanie A. Poirier from Donald N. Dumas and Kathleen A. Dumas, Malone, zero dollars.

To Bamboo NYC LLC from Nancy Hamilton, Malone, $14,500.

To Michelle L. Johnson from Daniel R. Harvey, Moira, $85,160.

To Joel W. Estabrook and Kimberly K. Estabrook from Joel E. Estabrook, Bellmont, $1.

To Joseph S. Yoder and Lydia Ann Yoder from Jon T. Lorensen II and Tonia C. Lorensen, Burke, $72,500.

To Ralph E. Otis and Cindy S. Otis from Peter P. Poupore, Westville, $80,000.

To Peter P. Poupore from Norman P. Nicks as trustee of the Norman Paul Nicks Revocable Living Trust, Everett Bigness and Barbara Bigness, Malone, $54,000.

To Suzanne Marie Lentz and Nathanael Vosburgh Lentz from Nathanael Vosburgh Lentz, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Christopher Keniston and Mary Jo Keniston from Dean C. Ellis, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Douglas C. Werner and Pamela M. Werner Living Trust from George Boyd Potter Gosnell, Santa Clara, $25,000.

To Mary A. Dexter from Mary A. Dexter as executrix for Arlene Peets, Fort Covington, $58,000.

To Donna M. Prue from Donald Becker and Deanna L. Becker, Moira, $8,000.

To Thomas L. Garland and Hallie Garland from John P. Roe, Duane, $1.

To John P. Roe from Thomas L. Garland and Hallie Garland, Duane, $1.

To A. Kathleen Bonham as trustee of the A. Kathleen Bonham Trust, from A. Kathleen Bonham, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Michael D. Poirier from Tracy Susan Sheffield and Kay A. Poirier, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Jon S. Halley from Jon Halley and Vickie L. Shantie, Malone, zero dollars.

To Tammy Artus from Dale Artus and Tammy Artus, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Michele T. Denny and Cynthia Lee Trombley from Michele T. Denny, Westville, zero dollars.

To Hollis Avery from Betty Jo Coryea and Douglas Coryea, Malone, $35,000.

To Andrew W. O’Grady and Abbie L. O’Grady from Michael Lahendro, Moira, $108,000.

To Gary Hartshorne and Jillian Leigh Hartshorne from Gary Hartshorne, Duane, zero dollars.

To Federal National Mortgage Association from John J. White and Susan L. White, Bellmont, $69,788.90.

To Turan Erdogan, Mary A. Erdogan, Ann S. Tracy and David L. Tracy from Paul Ericson and Linda L. Ericson, Santa Clara, $1,300,000.

To James McHugh and Lisa M. Coryea from Elizabeth J, Kenyon and Harry S. Kenyon, Bellmont, $4,000.

To Jared Spinner from Charles A. King and Karen Lamitie King, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Ronald Barney and Estelle Barney from Franklin County, $1,176.87.

To Brockway Hilltop Farms LLC from Ronald Barney and Estelle Barney, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Jason K. Zimmerman and Ella W. Zimmerman from Brockway Hilltop Farms LLC, Fort Covington, $470,000.

To John P. Cymbrak from Darryl Bell, Burke, $60,000.

To Alain Choiniere and Andre Choiniere from Barry K. Hastings, Bangor, $39,000.

To Michelle R. Marlow from US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Westville, $28,000.

To 111 Main Street Enterprises LLC from Peter E. Day, Tupper Lake, $135,000.

To 111 Main Street Enterprises LLC from Richard L. Reandeau, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Bryan P. Boyer and Lisa A. Lawrence from Teresa Pepin, George Michael Sadlier, Malone, $28,000.

To Carole Bracy from David J. Powell and Cheryle Powell, Malone, $54,500.

To Christine A. Baker from Nadia Korths, Harrietstown, $145,000.

To Robert Casey and Brian Kavanaugh from Bryan Kavanaugh, Robert Casey and John H. Weber, Santa Clara, $1,000.

To Jon K. Dunham and Stephanie A. Dunham from Nicholas N. Barcomb and Carola A. Barcomb, Tupper Lake, $128,000.

To Ronald J. Ordway and Janet M. Ordway from Janet M. Ordway individually and as executrix of the last will and testament of Eunice J. Tormey, Franklin, zero dollars.

To David Trim and Marjorie Trim from Wayne A. Rapavi, Dickinson, $5,000.

To Terry L. Collins and Pamela J. Collins from Kimberly A. Langlois, Burke, $30,000.

To Chelsea L. Ouimet from Margeret Fleming as executrix of the last will and testament of Elizabeth Fleming, Chateaugay, $35,000.

To Donna Vivian Lemon from Richard Bruce Lemon, Franklin, $235,000.

To Anne Marie Burton from Madeline L. Burton, Malone, zero dollars.

To Alicia L. Clark from Darlene Selig, Tupper Lake, $63,400.

To John Stuart Pillen and Vanessa Pillen from Mark E. Sengenberger and Heidi M. Sengenberger, Harrietstown, $251,000.

To Shawn C. Conto and April L. Conto from Rejean M. Simmons and Jennifer Dishaw, trustee, Bangor, $12,500.

To Michael Simmons and Mary Simmons from Rejean M. Simmons and Jennifer Dishaw, trustee, Bangor, $42,500.

To St. Regis Falls Sportsman’s Club Inc. from Harry P. Arcadi and Janice M. Arcadi, Waverly, $1.

To Mark I. Fleury and Brenda Jean Fleury, from Neil Fleury and Pauline Fleury, Malone, $76,000.

To Daniel W. Martineau from Pamela Pugh Obert, Franklin, $10,000.

To Bernard Trombley from Sharon A. Dustin and Nancy Jean Trombley, Westville, $1.

To John E. Carley Jr. and Robin Carley from Martin Allen Franklin, Chateaugay, $15,000.

To Marken Enterprises Inc. from John B. Zawisza, Moira, $3,500.

To Mark Harmon from Timothy Harmon and Mark Harmon, Burke, zero dollars.

To Gerald O. Clausen from Scott A. Snide, Chateaugay, $1.

To Irvin J. MacLaren and Patricia A. MacLaren as trustees of the MacLaren Family Living Trustee from Irvin MacLaren and Patricia J. MacLaren, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Adam D. Tower from Anne Marie Brown fka Anne Marie Michaels, Westville, $17,000.

To Robert N. Carpenter and Tosca N. Carpenter from Chester H. Clarridge and Carol Y. Clarridge as trustees of the CHC Trust, Franklin, $44,000.

To Federal National Mortgage Association from Judith Ann Pareira, referee, Harrietstown, $156,250.19.

To Randy Wood from Sandy L. Dupuis and Randy Wood, Malone, zero dollars.

To Jonathon Fieroh and Sherry Fieroh from David F. Buske as executor of the estate of Harold T. Buske, Franklin, $15,700.

To Scott A. Weilacher and Sarah A. Weilacher from Jean Jackson, Moira, zero dollars.

To Richard J. Ellis from Thomas Arnold, Malone, zero dollars.

To Michael T. Leahy from Jonathan L. Lavoie Jr., correction deed, Constable, $335.

To Jules A. Faubert from John G. Legacy, correction deed, Malone, zero dollars.