September 30, 2013

Good year for garden harvest

PLATTSBURGH — Plum tomatoes, green beans, beets, Brussels sprout, dill weed basil, summer squash and marigolds are Keitha Farney’s harvest from the Plattsburgh Community Garden. 

“Last year, I shared this plot,” said Farney, a retired kindergarten through grade-six librarian and Plattsburgh resident.

“This year, it was my whole plot. This year was not quite as good as last year because of the weather. Last year was an unbelievable growing season with so much sunshine and so forth. This year, we had rain when we didn’t need it, but my garden is great as far as I’m concerned.”

Her orange cats, Slinky and Little Guy, are recipients of a feline garden treat.

“There’s always catnip that grows itself, and I harvest that for my cats. They don’t go outdoors, but they do love the catnip. They go crazy for catnip,” she said.

Farney’s dill attracts butterflies.

“I think it’s good for the soil,” she said. “I did read somewhere it’s a good companion plant for Brussels sprout, so I put a lot of it in there and let it come up next year.”

She has lived in Plattsburgh for five years but has gardened for much longer.

“My father had a garden when I grew up. I wasn’t enthusiastic then, but as I got older I wanted to have a garden, so I’ve always done gardening.”

She grew up on the other side of the Adirondacks in Lewis County in a little town called Beaver Falls.

She finds the Champlain Valley a warmer zone. But her Brussels sprout will continue on for a while longer.

“I didn’t grow them from seed, of course, but I bought the six little plants. I am amazed. I think I have actually planted them too close together. I had six plants. I’ve taken three down, and I’m still leaving three because they are still good when it’s cold,” she said.

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