February 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4, 2013


---- — Keeseville dissolution

TO THE EDITOR: Now that the people of Keeseville have voted to dissolve the village, the mayor and Village Board have to come up with a plan to move forward.

I question the ability for this to happen seeing that the mayor and some board members have expressed they didn’t agree with the dissolution.

I would hope that Gerry Morrow and Sandy Senecal are allowed to have input to this plan. I would also like to see Tim Booth and Phil Pray involved, as they are the highway supers who are gaining the streets that will need to be maintained.

I would like to see this so the village officers will have a good plan in place so that those of us who took the time to go and vote will not feel it was a wasted effort on one of the coldest days so far this winter.




Flawed law

TO THE EDITOR: Professor Chartock states in his editorial that Cuomo’s new gun law is good but flawed.

He’s half right. The law certainly is flawed but not in the way he indicates.

Many aspects of the law do nothing toward the purpose, which is to stop the slaughter of innocent Americans. The magazine-capacity provision, for instance, bans the actual usage of thousands of firearms in the hands of permit-holders but has no effect on those possessed illegally.

I would guess the number of illegal handguns outnumber the legal ones many times over. I expect the re-certification provision will reduce that ratio even further by making the cost unaffordable by many.

I do agree with the professor about one thing, though. I would like to see a list of pistol-permit holders published for all to see. I would feel much more comfortable knowing that my kids were playing in a house presided over by a pistol-permit holder.

To get a pistol-permit, you must pass an exhaustive police background investigation. So, I would know the permit holder has no illegal firearms and is not a convicted felon or sex offender or drug user. He has no domestic violence or DWI convictions on his record. Any conviction for these offenses during the time the permit is held result in the revocation of the permit and the loss of the firearms.

It is a further felony to possess any firearm with some of these offenses on a person’s record.

I do understand, however, that exceptions to this rule are granted to some members of the inner circles of well-placed individuals in New York government and their corporate benefactors. What’s that old saying about “who you know?”

Like I said, Professor Chartock is half-right.




Tobacco exploitation

TO THE EDITOR: Adirondack Tobacco Free Network keeps telling us second-hand smoke is dangerous but won’t show facts from the EPA comparing smoking to having a fireplace at home.

Tobacco is a plant; so is fireplace wood.

ATFN can’t honestly say tobacco advertising starts kids at an early age to smoke. If they say “research shows children exposed to tobacco advertising at an early age causes teen smoking” without proof then I can say, “children exposed to early sex ed in school causes teenage pregnancy”or “children exposed to same-sex marriages will become gay.” 

After all, children are products of their environment. Your “study,” not mine. 

ATFN is encouraging medication to quit smoking instead of e-cigarettes, which aren’t FDA approved. Except, e-cigarettes don’t cause suicidal thoughts, abnormal dreams and hallucinations. Your recommendation does and also isn’t FDA approved.

I remember another “social experiment” where we tell kids to say no to drugs but tell their parents they can’t attend school without taking one, like Adderol. But when the side effects kick in, they can bounce around the “blue room” at CV-TEC until the cops come, then blame the behavior on bad parenting not bogus “studies.”

Nobody wants their kids to smoke. But when employees of these anti-smoking groups tuck their kids in, tell them the dangers of smoking but also tell them if it weren’t for smokers, Mommy or Daddy wouldn’t have a job. Also talk to them about the Boston Tea Party where a group got tired of being highly taxed for a product and told they couldn’t use it, by the same people who reap the benefits. Job security at $6.60 per pack in taxes.

Joe Camel is gone. Who’s exploiting kids now? 


West Chazy


Benefit contributors

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to say thank you to all the great people who organized and worked at the benefit for David Davis.

We could not have done it without your help.

We would also like to acknowledge all the business that were very generous and donated to this worthwhile cause: Frito Lay, Bimbo Bakery, Price Chopper, Little Green Acres Restaurant, Pizza Palace, Subway Subs, Butcher Block, Hungry Bear Restaurant, Friendly’s Restaurant, Lil Pizza Shoppe, Frechette’s Grocery, Geoffrey’s Pub, 99 Restaurant, Jreck Subs, Pizza Hut, Pasquale’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Olive Ridley, Colours Hair Salon, Buck’s, Duke’s Diner, Brush It Up Salon, MasterCuts Salon, Regis Hair Salon, A-1 Oil, Knight Automotive, Monro Muffler & Brake, Midas Auto Center, Champy Car Wash, Sams Club, David’s Flea Market, Graymont Quarries, Swains Liquor & Wines, North Country Squares Club, Cumberland 12 Theater, Pray’s Market, Auntie Ann’s, Lee’s Carpets, Palmer Veterinarian, Ernie’s Tools, Momont Trailer Sales, Marty’s Carpet, Big Sal’s Pizzeria, Parker Sugar House, North End Harley Davidson, Bill McBride’s, Big Apple Audio, Apple Blossom Florist, New Impressions Hair Salon, Flaming Wok, Dad’s Video, Bill’s Tattoos and Jiffy Lube,

Without all the help of the volunteers and the donations provided by these businesses, this benefit could not have been a huge success that it was.






Monettes lauded

TO THE EDITOR: We read with interest the story regarding the Chamber of Commerce awards in the Jan. 26 paper.

We are relative newcomers to the North Country (nine years ago, we bought our home in Chateaugay), but through these years we have dealt with a variety of local businesses.

Just this month, we experienced a problem with the placement of our propane tank; with the freeze and subsequent thaw and re-freeze, there was an 800-pound stalactite reaching from the propane tank to the roof.

We informed Adirondack Propane and sent Bruce Monette a letter and photos. The response from Mr. Monette was immediate: In a short time, in the middle of this 10-below spate of sunshine and frostbite, the service technicians were at our home moving the tank to a more desirable location.

More importantly, the attitude of this company — from the top down — illustrates the reason the Monettes received the Chamber of Commerce Award for Businesspersons of the Year.

We are not relatives, nor even friends of that family (we would not recognize any of them in church, at the post office or on the street). Oftentimes, though, those who have never run a business criticize the “rich” ones who have “made it” just because of their success. We wanted to add the “satisfied customers’” point of view: Businesses like the Monettes are a credit to the spirit of our adopted North Country home and make us glad that we left the warm, humid and overcrowded south.