January 14, 2013

Ti food co-op gets rolling

TICONDEROGA — A market study in Ticonderoga says the area has sufficient sales potential to support a natural-foods co-op.

Local officials say that, as a result, they’re moving ahead on the effort to create a food cooperative for the Ticonderoga area.

The recently released report by CDS Consulting of St. Paul, Minn., was conducted in two phases, PRIDE of Ticonderoga Executive Director Sharon Reynolds said.

One was a market study that yielded a sales-forecast analysis and the other an evaluation of proposed sites in the downtown.


“It was clear that management of a member-owner food co-op is a major requirement for success,” Reynolds said in an email. “A food co-op can take three to five years to open. That’s because you need people who are committed to a co-op and will work to see it established.”

She said to keep the conversation going and to learn more about how to bring a natural-food store to the area, PRIDE is asking residents of Ticonderoga and the surrounding communities who are interested in knowing more about the idea and who want to be involved to email her at: sreynolds@prideof


The study of the Ticonderoga market area has resulted in a number of findings and conclusions regarding the proposed co-op food store, Reynolds said.

Among them was the definition of the trade area and the population within it, a summary of the demographic composition and a review of the competitive environment that exists.

The closest food co-op now is 45 minutes away in Middlebury, Vt., Reynolds said.

“According to the market study, the population size, including seasonal residents, and the demographic composition of the market area, as well as the weak competitive environment with other natural-food stores, it appears that there is enough sales potential to support a co-op food store.”

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