December 24, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 24, 2012


If you really want to see anything get done, limit every local, state and national politician to one term in office. Maybe they would spend more time doing their job and less time trying to keep it for life.


About wedding invitations, it is so wrong to not invite close relatives. That pain will ruin their relationship for sure. And others are thinking why aren’t those relatives there when the truth is they weren’t invited.


I’m getting married next year. I don’t feel compelled to invite “family” that I never see or hear from over my closest friends. For someone to suggest that couples are obligated to invite certain people is absurd. When you pay for my wedding, you can make up my guest list.


I want to thank the kind man who pulled over on Route 3 and let me pass. I understand not everyone feels safe driving the speed limit. I wish more people like you would recognize their limitations.


Why do patients always think it is the staff’s fault a doctor runs behind all the time? The staff schedules appropriately and tries to keep them on time, but berating the staff will not make a difference. Let the doctor know how you feel.


Teachers’ solution to the new expectations is to give more homework. I am a supportive parent, and I can barely keep my kids afloat. Let them be a kid at home, at least.


PALS football is meant to be a football program. Why aren’t we seeing the high school football coaches attending some of these practices or games?


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