January 27, 2014

Ticonderoga addresses building woes

TICONDEROGA — A study of buildings owned by the Town of Ticonderoga recommends consolidating its police, highway, public-works and buildings-and-grounds departments in one new edifice.

Ticonderoga Town Supervisor William Grinnell said the study by Alfandre Architecture of New Paltz pointed out the need for a new police station and repairs to other town-owned structures.

One solution might be a building that would house both Ticonderoga Town Police, the Town Highway Department and others, he said recently.

He said he and Councilman David Iuliano, who chairs the Town Buildings and Grounds Committee, have been going over the options in the engineering report and trying to come up with solutions.

“We need to set priorities,” Grinnell said. “What we can afford, what has to be done.”


The report concentrated on relocation of the Town Police Department; identifying structural, maintenance and repair needs in all town buildings; and best utilization of space, including offices and employees.

The 70-year-old former Village Shed that is now used as police headquarters is built from concrete blocks and has developed a large crack from the foundation up through the center of the rear wall.

The town looked at relocating the police to the former Rite-Aid Drug Store downtown, but the asking price was too much.

And moving to that department to the town-owned Community Armory building on Champlain Avenue was problematic because youth activities take place in there, and criminal defendants might mingle with children.

Use of the Town Community Building that houses town offices was also ruled out because of a lack of space and parking for the police.


Grinnell said some of the issues have been around for years.

“We have to take care of those. There’s the issue of the Police Department, the town shed. There’s a lot of possibilities out there on how to address the issues.”

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