December 10, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 10, 2012


---- — Help

Thank you to Plattsburgh’s Stop Domestic Violence. I needed your help, and you were there. No words will ever express my gratitude. You should be commended for what you do.


Thank you bunches to whoever turned in my iPod that I lost at the Zombie Prom in Plattsburgh. It means so much to me, so thank you so much.


To the writer about tattoos, I also feel they are very unbecoming, but I do not believe you or anyone else should address a female with a tattoo as a stamp tramp; that seems very judgmental. If a female has one, that does not mean they’re tramps.


I do not believe that everyone with a tattoo looks the same. I have several, and no one that I know has the same designs I have.


There are still good people left in this world. I lost something of great value, which included all my money for Christmas shopping this year, and it was safely returned to my home. To whomever is responsible, thank you.


Your choice was to raise children. My wife and I chose not to have any. To compare your “crazy-busy” life with ours is ridiculous. If you are unhappy and can’t handle your crazy-busy life, maybe you should have made different choices.


Why is it that some people think the leash law is not for them? I walk my dog every day and use a leash. Don’t just have the leash in your hand. Attach it to your dog. I am tired of my dog being attacked by other dogs!


I’m just saying that good parenting may make the difference in who ends up with the full-time jobs. Current employer strategy is to hire several part-timers, then weed out the clueless slackers. 


Traffic circles are meant to help traffic flow. It does not help when people stop completely instead of yielding and fail to use their blinker. This only causes backup and confusion, leading to road rage and accidents.


Why isn’t the City of Plattsburgh ticketing people who leave boats, unattached trailers and vehicles that are not in use on city streets for the entire summer and into the fall?


At our last town board, the board never reviewed the month’s bills nor approved them for payment. Leaves me wondering if we are not going to pay them or are we going to pay them illegally?


To the thoughtless person who dumped three kittens on Plains Road: I’ve been trying to catch them since I saw them huddled in the middle of the road. Poor things are scared and freezing because of your thoughtless act. Have you no conscience? 


Why is it that the State University Police are not stepping up to stop all the jaywalking that is taking place? There are plenty of crosswalks in the area; that jay walking should not be happening.


Hello, City of Plattsburgh and Plattsburgh State, how about saving electric and gaining better lighting for the streets by installing LED lights?