December 10, 2012

Lookback: Dec. 10-16


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25 YEARS — 1987

▶ The most logical and least environmentally damaging plan for controlling sea lamprey populations in Lake Champlain is the application of lampricides, a Department of Environmental Conservation official said during his presentation at Plattsburgh State. The DEC plan for combating lamprey calls for treatment of 14 waterways, nine of which are in New York, four in Vermont and one in Canada.

▶ A state Supreme Court judge ruled against the City of Plattsburgh and said that certain Municipal Lighting Department customer accounts are public information and must be open for inspection. Judge Dominick J Viscardi’s decision was a victory for the Press-Republican, which sought access to MLD’s commercial and private customer files as part of an ongoing investigation of that city department.

▶ Clinton County legislators may have resolved a lingering hiring policy debate over non-competitive highway jobs, but it took a near political collision between Democrats and Republicans to do it. Job vacancies would be filled by legislators on a rotating basis, according to the proposal, with legislators from each of the 10 districts taking turns making an appointment.

▶ The Adirondack-Lake Champlain area has been chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a possible lake-forest biosphere reserve. The reserve program is a global network of cooperative research sites that study the impacts of human activity on specific environmental ecosystems, but carries no judicial or regulatory weight.

50 YEARS — 1962

▶ The architect for Plattsburgh’s proposed new high school believes he can redesign it so as to hold the bond issue down to $1.5 million. Warren H. Ashley of West Hartford, Conn., said he plans to reduce costs by shrinking the square foot area of the original plan and cutting corners on the cost of equipment and landscaping.

▶ A Plattsburgh KC-97 stratotanker abandoned by his crew over central New York may have crashed northwest of Goose Bay, Labrador, according to the Air Force.

▶ The foreign-language section at Beekmantown Central School now has a $4,000 language laboratory, complete with headphones and intricate control panels. The equipment was made available by the National Defense Education Act, which will supply half the cost.

75 YEARS — 1937

▶ Milk producers at a meeting in Massena voted for reopening the Massena plant of the Dairyman’s League, but were told reopening will be decided at a meeting of the League directors in Syracuse. League officials pointed out the importance of the league, with the $400,000 annual payroll to producers and employees.

▶ John Mudry, a former sergeant in Service Company, 26th infantry, was sentenced by County Judge Thomas F. Croake to a term of not less than two years or more than four years in Clinton prison. Mudry was convicted by a Clinton County jury of criminal negligence resulting in the death of three persons in an accident on US Avenue last month.

▶ Declaring an open season on North Country cattle smugglers, United States customs border patrolman have spread a wide net across the New York — Québec frontier, but so far those in whom the patrolman are most interested have eluded capture. During the past several months increased activity in not only the smuggling of Canadian cattle but also that of wool has been reported.

100 YEARS — 1912

▶ The 37th meeting of the Clinton County Pomona Grange was held in the YMCA building, with about 45 members being present. Prizes had been offered the best half acre of corn to be raised by members of the subordinate Granges of the County, but the members only three Granges had tried to compete.

▶ State Engineer Bensel has made arrangements to meet with members of the Plattsburgh Chamber of Commerce and submit a proposed barge canal terminal plan for the city. These plans are for a terminal at the Wilcox dock site, which is been approved by the Common Council and is unquestionably the site upon which the terminal will be erected.

▶ The little village of Redford was visited by a fire at an early hour which destroyed a vacant house, known as the Pelkey house, and three barns, the total loss reaching several thousand dollars. The fire was discovered at about 2 a.m. at which time the Pelkey house was already burning briskly.

— By Contributing Writer Shawn Ryan