April 22, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: April 22, 2013

CHEERS to the athletic coaches and school-play directors who are able to compromise when there are conflicts between sports practices/games and play practices/performances. What needs to be realized here is that one of the purposes of educating our youth is to create a well-rounded person. The stage performances require at least as much dedication as learning how to swing a bat or shoot a basket. Neither coaches nor directors should question a teen’s motives for attempting to do both. And many of them don’t. In reality, though, both require one to two months of “spring training.” There are at least a dozen performances on the field/court each season, but only two to four (on consecutive days) on the stage. It’s not and shouldn’t be that one plays second fiddle to the other, and most educators are aware of that and are willing to be flexible when there are conflicts.


CHEERS to Maurice Daniels, the school-crossing guard stationed on Broad Street in the City of Plattsburgh in front of the Stafford Middle School. He’s got to have one of the most difficult jobs in the area trying to keep kids safe crossing the street, which is a very busy four-lane thoroughfare any time of the day, let alone before and after school when motor vehicles literally line up to drop off or pick up their charges. It’s as if he has eyes in back of his head; he appears to see everything. Not only is Daniels very good at what he does — he’s been a school-crossing guard for more than10 years — his interaction with the students and motorists knows no bounds. To us, he’s the consummate professional.


CHEERS to the many prideful neighbors in the North Country who make it their personal responsibility to pick up their personal garbage and recyclables that have been strewn throughout their neighborhoods by high winds and dumped containers. Seen on one particular street in Peru near the high school complex recently were two women who at different times scoured the street to retrieve trash, paper and cardboard that had blown off their property. They even went onto other homeowners’ property to pick up the refuse. They both are a credit to their neighborhood and the community. And JEERS to those folks who don’t.

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