November 26, 2012

No such thing as a coincidence

There are no coincidences. I’ve formed that opinion after a lot of living.

There are many dots throughout our lives and we should strive to connect them. Remember those puzzle books we worked with as children? They had such memorable riddles as, “How many balls of twine would it take to reach the moon? Answer: All of them.”

I still have that book. It also contains pages full of numbered dots. I faithfully drew penciled lines from the first dot to the last and was amazed when a spaceship or giraffe was revealed.

After all these years, I’m still connecting dots — figuratively, if not literally. When I tell ghost stories, I speak of life’s dots and back up my theory with recent events that are interesting and fun. By way of example, I got a wonderful email recently from my friend Eileen Ward. She and her husband, Leo “Bud” Ward, came here with the Air Force many years ago, and serendipity has brought us together in wonderful ways; especially over the past couple years.

Here is her note: “O.M.G. Something awesome just happened and I want to tell someone who would understand; so, Gordie, of course, YOU came to mind! I was just sitting quietly on my sofa looking out at the lake when Denver (their beautiful dog) started barking as if someone had come into the room; and at the same time, a music box in the room started playing. Mind you, it hasn’t been wound up in ages. I told Denver ‘quiet’ and he stopped barking, but he was still on alert and the music box kept playing. How cool is that? This music box is my own, not having belonged to anyone else, so now to figure out who is saying HELLO! I LOVE it!”

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