July 15, 2013

It's like old times for CVBL alumni

The stories were flowing faster and with more flavor than the refreshments at the Lyon Mountain American Legion home last Tuesday.

The occasion was a gathering of more than 30 Champlain Valley baseball alums eager to replay some of the highs — and lows — of the game from the 1930s to the 1980s, a period often referred to as the Golden Age of Baseball in the North Country.

Star athlete-turned-author Bob Garrow was on hand to update the diamond diehards on the history of the game. Ves Pivetta and Ev Ezero shared emcee duties and then went around the horn with attendees sharing some memorable moments in local baseball history.

Timmy Snow led off, recalling how once in Cadyville he touched up Muggsy Favro for 3 tape-measure home runs, with the longest travelling just over 250 feet. Timmy never passed up a chance to torment the good-natured Muggs until one day Favro had had enough of the AuSable agitator.

“Timmy, you can put your home runs together end to end and they still don’t come close to matching the one George Kurz hit off me that day,” Favro shot back. Kurz’s clout was said to have cleared the yawning elms in deep center before landing in the next county, some 490 feet away.

Speaking of orbital shots, someone asked Carly Rounds if he remembered his longest home run. “I don’t know,” the Miner mauler quipped. “It hasn’t landed yet.”

For sure there was a lot of country hard ball and blarney served up last week and just the mention of the late Terry Brunell brought to mind some magnificent memories. The former player-coach of the Altona Hornets was in the twilight of his career and had not been playing much. But he had seen enough of his team’s futility this day to swing into action.

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