January 21, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: Jan. 21, 2013


---- — JEERS to snow plowers, snow blowers and shovelers who use roads and streets to deposit the white stuff from their driveways. It happens all over the North Country during and after a major snowstorm. Municipal snowplows then push the snow back into the driveways of residents, usually those of your neighbors. And it often occurs shortly after the driveways have been cleaned, clogging the driveway’s end with heavy, packed snow from public streets. But then you’ve also got snow from a neighbor’s driveway that ends up in the roadway. It’s enough to make a mare bite her colt. Think of your friends and neighbors when you decide to use your street or road as a personal snow-disposal spot. Besides, in many municipalities it’s illegal to do so.

JEERS to local trash haulers who don’t cover their loads during and after residential pickups. Those involved are independent haulers who don’t have compactor trucks to transport garbage from house to house. They often use open trailers and trucks. The result is that filled garbage bags from a mile away may end up on your lawn, or in the middle of a busy highway. In fact, a former staffer here observed two 30-gallon bags tumble out of the back of a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck recently on Route 22B, spilling their contents all over the road. Presumably, the hauler was on his way to the county landfill in Morrisonville. The driver never stopped. A sign at the entrance to the landfill warns motorists entering to ensure their loads are covered, so they’re required to do so. Haulers must ensure their garbage is covered as well as they ply local roads.

CHEERS to the Monette family, owners of Titus Mountain ski area in Malone, for honoring Big Tupper Ski Area skiers, volunteers and Tupper Lake’s spirit of cooperation between the two entities for allowing people with Big Tupper ski passes from the 2011-2012 season to spend the day skiing or riding at Titus last Saturday without charge. The Tupper Lake facility, operated by volunteers for three consecutive years, didn’t open for the 2012-2013 season. The ski lodge at Big Tupper is being restored. Saturday’s event was the result of collaboration efforts between the two mountains, who have maintained a strong relationship through the years. There have been major capital improvements at Titus and owners of the two ski areas have discussed reciprocal ticket promotions. The idea, a good one, is to get traffic back and forth between Malone and Tupper Lake, a win-win for both towns.