December 31, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 31, 2012


---- — Lunches

School lunch programs are under attack because of new federal mandates. As usual, the government is trying to impose action that makes no sense. Childhood obesity is not caused by school lunch, but by poor nutrition and lack of activity at home.


I would rather the company I work for figure out the price of having a Christmas party and take that money and divide it up and give to us employees. Have a party at work where we bring a dish. 


Classes are selling items for an on-line store with independent consultants. These items are expensive, and the class does not get a fair share of sales. As a grandparent, I would rather donate cash, not buy useless items.


There really needs to be better lighting on Rugar Street. LED would be the solution — expensive at first, but long run way better and less expensive, and we can see the students in the crosswalks better.


There is a rather large skunk and raccoon issue in the tri-county area this year. More animals certainly means more rabies. Perhaps something needed to be done to curtail these critters.


Someone is burning garbage near the bridge on 22B in Schuyler Falls. It stinks.