December 31, 2012

Lookback: Dec. 31 to Jan. 6

25 YEARS — 1988

▶ A $10 million libel and defamation summons has been served on two congressional investigators, Lake Placid News employees, and the paper’s owner by the former part-time manager of the Lake Placid Club Resort. The previous manager, local accountant Joseph Brooks, maintains that a congressional investigation of the resort and the newspaper coverage it generated slurred him and his family.

▶ The Town of Saranac is helping the Saranac Fire Department realize its dream of a new firehouse by deeding over the necessary land. The 300-by-400-foot parcel on Route 3, across from the Saranac Central School garage, is part of a 20 acre lot given to the town nearly 20 years ago.

▶ The Plattsburgh Post Office’s search for an additional large building is still on, but plans for an all new complex, possibly to be built in 1992, may be put on hold because of budget cutbacks. The Plattsburgh Post Office has been searching for building of about 20,000 square feet for about a year.

▶ Like Cinderella rushing to beat the stroke of the midnight hour, Triton Power scurried to bring its High Falls hydro plant online. If the power plant on the Chateaugay River wasn’t operating before the last tick of the clock in 1987, Triton Power would no longer be guaranteed that they could sell the electricity generated for six cents a kilowatt hour, a rate necessary to make the project profitable.

50 YEARS — 1963

▶ Iron miners in Lyon Mountain agreed to accept a cut in their bonus pay. The Republic Steel Corporation offered the workers a proposition: a cut in their incentive pay, in exchange for the mines reopening Jan. 14.

▶ Thirty-one years after the 1932 Olympic Games, Lake Placid is in the process of bidding for the 1968 Winter Olympics. Lake Placid was chosen as the official US representative after a meeting in Chicago of the United States Olympic Council last October.

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