March 4, 2013

Births: March 4, 2013



GUYETT — Identical twin daughters, Emily Rose and Amber June, born Jan. 11, 2013, at Fletcher Allen Healthcare, Burlington, Vt., to Brian and Tiffany Puliafico Guyett of Altona. 


SHAW — A daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, born Jan. 18, 2013, to Heather and Robert Shaw.

DOWNIE — A daughter, Alyse Marie, born Jan. 29, 2013, to Lindsey and Chad Downie.

LaBRAKE — A daughter, Elise Kelley, born Feb. 5, 2013, to  Rose Galvezo-LaBrake and Donald LaBrake IV.

SCHNEIDER — A daughter, Avery RaeAnn, born Feb. 6, 2013, to  Paula Obert and Jeremy Schneider.

CARR — A son, Owen Patrick, born Feb. 6, 2013, to Trish and Patrick Carr.

 CAYEA — A son, Lucas Michael, born to Heather LaForest.

 MOUSAW — A son, Gabriel Edward, born Feb. 7, 2013, to Brandee and Sean Mousaw.

 LeBOEUF — A son, Liam Michael, born Feb. 8, 2013, to Brittany and Kevin LeBoeuf.

FELIO — A daughter, Harper Elizabeth, born Feb. 8, 2013, to Kenna and Marc Felio.

CORTRIGHT — A daughter, Audrey Elise, born Feb. 9, 2013, to Sabrina and Brian Cortright.

GARRAND — A son, Jaxson Todd, born Feb. 11, 2013, to Rebecca Jarvis  and Ryan Garrand.

PORTER — A son, Hunter Ash, born Feb. 11, 2013, to  Ashley and Michael Porter.

BROWN-CROUSE — A son, Liam Douglas, born Feb. 11, 2013, to Alisha Brown and Trevor Crouse.

DUBAY — A daughter, Ada Mae, born Feb. 11, 2013, Makenna McAdoo and Adam Dubay.

HEMINGWAY — A daughter, Emily Rose, born Feb. 12, 2013, to Stephanie and Jimmy Hemingway.

AYCOCK — A son, Dane Benjamin, born Feb. 12, 2013, to Gabrielle and Britten Aycock.

GIBBONS — A daughter, Jaliyah Le’Shirell, born Feb. 13, 2013, to Shanell Gibbons.

PARKER — A daughter, Eloise Caroline, born Feb. 13, 2013, to Kristin and Adam Parker.

FLORES — A son, Xavier Oscar Stephen, born Feb. 14, 2013, to Kristin and Oscar Flores.

STRANAHAN — A daughter, Jahly Deanne, born Feb. 15, 2013, to Heather Darrah and John Stranahan Jr.

SORRELL — A son, Glacier Storm, born Feb. 15, 2013, Brandylee and Michael Sorrell.

BAKER — A son, Alexander Cassius, born Feb. 16, 2013, to Jessica and Cassius Baker.

FORRETTE — A daughter, Rose Marie Lynn, born Feb. 16, 2013, to Jennifer Forget and Danny Forrette.

MOULTON — A son, Kyle Benjamin, born Feb. 17, 2013, to Candace and Preston Moulton.

DOUGLAS — A son, Jace Keith, born Feb. 17, 2013, to Heather and Bryan Douglas.

CHASE — A son, TJ Ryan, born Feb. 17, 2013, to Emily LaBarge and Richard Chase.

MOSCHELLE — A son, Nathan Andrew, born Feb. 18, 2013, to Danielle and Darryl Moschelle.

ALLEN — A son, Zaidyn Prynce-Omari, born Feb. 18, 2013, to Chantel Mudd.

FIELDS — A daughter, Skyler Elizabeth, born Feb. 18, 2013, to Brittaney O’Brien and Scott Fields.

MAILLETT — A son, Wyatt James, born Feb. 19, 2013, to Windy and Matthew Maillett.

FITZGERALD — Twin girls, Autumn Renee and Grace Ann, born Feb. 19, 2013, to Renee and Jesse Fitzgerald.

GARDNER — A son, Rieland Todd, born Feb. 19, 2013, to Carly R. Gardner.

LORETTE — A daughter, Sophia Rose, born Feb. 19, 2013, to Julia Dygert and David Lorette Jr.

MERRILL — A son, Tyren Gaige, born Feb. 20, 2013, to  Amanda Harrell and Timothy Merrill Jr.

 REYELL — A daughter, Willow Marie, born Feb. 20, 2013, to Lynne Beshon and Scott Reyell.

 BAKER — A daughter, Addie Lea, born Feb. 20, 2013, to Katrina and Benjamin Baker.

 REYELL — A son, Dominic Robert, born Feb. 21, 2013, to Kayleigh and Robert Reyell.

 WHITAKER — A son, Ezra Danger, born Feb. 21, 2013, to Darrilyn Johnson and Larry Whitaker.