October 21, 2013

Lookback: Oct. 21 to 27


---- — 25 YEARS — 1988

▶ An ordinance allowing awnings over city sidewalks was passed by city alderman; however, a clause was added protecting nationally registered historic buildings from awning construction. The ordinance does not affect awnings that are already in place but local architect Dana Conners argues that a jumble of awning styles, shapes and colors would mar the image the community is trying to develop. 

▶ The Clinton County Government Center is holding a meeting for disabled Vietnam veterans with Agent Orange-related problems and their families to help with filing claims under the Agent Orange class-action lawsuit. 

▶ A $24 million wood-chip power plant developed by Northern Energy will bring about 65 new jobs to Chateaugay. The project is set for completion in March after a contract with New York State Electric and Gas Corp. was finalized. As the first new industry to come to Chateaugay in 40 years, leaders agree it will bring new economic life to the village. 

50 YEARS — 1963

▶ A group of civic leaders approved a spectacular to be held next summer to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Plattsburgh. The scheduled event is strongly supported by locals — despite the estimated $19,500 price tag — who said that it could be a boon to tourist traffic and that Plattsburgh needs something like this. 

▶ Woman argue that they should be included on the Citizens Advisory Committee in Plattsburgh and that they could make equal contributions with the male members. When the committee was unable to appoint a new chairman because nominees said they didn’t have enough time for the job, it was suggested that women be appointed to the committee because they might have more time to devote to the work. 

▶ The AuSable Forks school’s kindergarten classes are being held in two basement rooms created by the removal of lockers, which are deemed a setup for disease and infections by school physician John D. Mackinnon. The rooms are “too small, overcrowded, deficient in sunlight, inadequately ventilated and stuffy,” he said.

75 YEARS — 1938

▶ Clarence Frenyea of Rand Hill Road shot down a golden eagle which was carrying away his pet cat. The bird’s wing span was 7 feet and 8 inches, and it weighed about 7 pounds. It’s the first eagle any area resident had seen and it is believed to have come from the Laurentian Mountains in Canada.

▶ The 12th-annual banquet of the Champlain Valley Fruit Growers Association, which has several special features planned, will be held at the Masonic Temple in Plattsburgh. First, Dr. A.B. Burrell will show colored motion pictures taken during a recent trip west, followed by special music, and then a period of dancing. 

▶ Senator Benjamin Feinberg will speak to the Plattsburgh Discussion Club about the proposed amendments to the New York State Constitution, which will be real inside information. The talk, held at the YMCA, will be followed by supper and a demonstration of the voting machines to be used in this year’s election.

100 YEARS — 1913

▶ An electric lighting and power plant is almost complete in the Village of Mooers, which will power 45 incandescent street lights as well as the Mooers Shirt Company, located in the same building as the plant. The electricity will be obtained from the Big Chazy river, which has always been a plentiful supply of electricity. 

▶ Game Protector Winch of Lake Placid was brutally assaulted by a hunter who clubbed him over the head with a rifle. Winch has killed several hounds in the woods this fall in enforcing the anti-hounding law, and threats had been made by owners of the dogs to get the protector. 

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Amy Heggen