May 20, 2013

Lookback: May 19 to 25

25 YEARS — 1988

▶ Congress and the Pentagon began work on the politically touchy subject of closing unnecessary U.S. military bases, with no agreement on which bases to leave on or off the closure list. Congressman David O. B. Martin gave a strong sense of the role current political reality may play in the future of Plattsburgh Air Force Base: “I could not support this base, or any base, as an avenue of economic opportunity. Too often people think the purpose of having the military in and about them is to have economic opportunity.”

▶ The Peru Teachers Association and the Peru School District have agreed in principle on a new, three-year teacher contract scheduled to take effect in 1988. The agreement will raise the starting salary for Peru teachers from the current $16,410 to $23,850 over the life of the contract.

▶ Loggers and dairyman will be granted some relief by the Department of Transportation, when the weight limit on the Crown Point bridge is raised from 20 to 36 tons, with the stipulated limit of 8 tons per axle. The DOT had restricted the aging structure last year when the state took over operations of the former toll bridge.

▶ Construction on the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid is in full swing, and the owner predicts that the facility, when complete, will be better than ever. Much of the inn was destroyed by a fire in January that consumed 12 rooms, a restaurant and office space.

▶ The city’s municipal beach officially opens Saturday amid charges of mismanagement and unsatisfactory conditions. As city officials prepare to open the beach for the the long Memorial Day weekend, a city aldermen called existing beach facilities and services “deplorable.”

50 YEARS — 1963

▶ Clinton County is going to take the state’s suggestion and explore the idea of a new county home infirmary. The need for additional infirmary facilities was strongly illustrated in a presentation to the County Board of Supervisors recently, but the state has inquired if the county is willing to follow through on payment for a new facility.

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