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December 10, 2013

A healthy appetite for gift giving

Do you hate buying a random present that you fear will be unused, unwanted and unappreciated?

We have all had those moments — looking over the holiday shopping list and seeing that one name (only one, if you are lucky) that you have not tackled since you can’t dream up anything to buy. Or you are in a gifting rut, where you have been giving the same type of present for several years running.

How about a gift that is practical, appreciated, will be used and genuinely shows you care? How about some healthy gift ideas?


Physical activity provides many opportunities for gifts for a variety of prices. The gift could be anything from new swim goggles or ski socks to a season’s pass or gym membership.

If your loved one does not have a routine that you can turn to for gift ideas, would he or she enjoy a day pass to a gym, ski slope or pool as a way to break up the winter weekends?

For children, there are endless opportunities, from sleds and other outdoor play equipment to the classic, yet simple, ball.

The ball (bouncy, soccer, basketball, etc.) may not be the gift they will shriek over Christmas morning, but it is sure to be enjoyed long after the electronics are old news.

Nutrition-related gifts tend to be easier because everyone eats. A trendy water bottle or gift card to a grocery store would be appreciated by nearly anyone.

Kitchen tools, like peelers, apple corers, cutting boards or steamers, are inexpensive and make eating more fruits and vegetables more attainable.


You can also make gift baskets using combinations of purchased and homemade items as gifts. A healthy breakfast basket could include a homemade whole-grain pancake mix with dried berries, a bottle of maple syrup and a potholder. There are many ideas online for mixes you can assemble yourself as a gift, which are easy to dress up with a few complementary items.

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