November 1, 2013

Republicans weigh legal action over absentee ballots

Republicans question info on city absentee forms


Rowe said he would drive his grandmother to the polls on Nov. 5.


Dame’s opponent in the Area 8 legislature race, Democrat Robert Dolan, said he has not delivered any absentee-ballot applications, is not endorsed by the Working Families Party and had nothing to do with an effort to deliver applications.

“I expect to win on the votes cast at the ballot places,” Dolan said.

Republican candidate for Ward 1 William Ferris said he delivered 29 absentee ballots but did not try to sway people on how to fill them out.

“I just dropped them off and said see you later,” he said.

“There is a big difference between coercing someone and not.”


“The Working Families Party has worked for months with a dedicated team of volunteers to elect progressive candidates in Plattsburgh,” Khan Shoieb, the Working Families Party communications director based in New York City, said in an email to the P-R. “They’re all grassroots folks who have been working in the community for years, so the notion that they are anything but expertly familiar with election law when they talk to voters is absurd.”

He said the party supports anyone’s efforts to get people to vote, as long as it is done legally.

“We’re in favor of every effort to let folks exercise their right to vote in Plattsburgh, and the party has always been explicit that voters should be fully compliant with election law,” Schoieb said.


Clinton County Democratic Party Chairman Martin Mannix said he supports giving people opportunities to vote, but he had nothing to do with the absentee-ballot efforts that Republicans are questioning.

“I don’t believe anybody is doing anything illegal,” he said.

“I haven’t received any complaints.”

Mannix said he doubts most of the races will be affected by the absentee ballots.

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