April 26, 2013

Speakout: April 26, 2013


---- — Siren

What has happened to the fire siren in Keeseville? Many of us miss it and depend upon it to inform us of an emergency.


Why do school sports teams travel South during spring break?  Amazing how there’s time for traveling south, school parties, fund-raising but many leave school unprepared for the world. Coddling kids is the fault of parents, schools and lawmakers.


Since the Newtown shooting, a person suggested we do 26 nice gestures. I did mine and intend to continue it randomly every week. Last week, I paid the restaurant tab for a Canadian family, anonymously. The reaction was priceless.


Public service is called that for a reason. Most public servants get lower pay than in the private sector. Pensions and health care are the lone bright spots and many have not had raises in years.


Escape from New York is not just some movie; it’s a dream shared by thousands. Life imitates art as Prince Andrew Cuomo turns NYS into a prison and tramples on civil rights.