January 17, 2014

More upgrades planned for YMCA

PLATTSBURGH — An annual capital campaign during the Plattsburgh YMCA’s 125th year of service raised nearly $125,000.

The facility, located on the corner of Brinkerhoff and Oak streets, was upgraded last year, with more substantial renovations planned for this summer.

The 2013 fund drive brought in donations from YMCA members and others in the community to help the agency promote healthy living, youth development and social responsibility.

Executive Director Kevin Killeen said he is enthusiastic about the upgrades to the facility that took place.

“We had new flooring put in throughout the bottom two levels and have plans to run the new flooring in other parts of the building,” he said in a news release. “We’ve added some new paint, and it looks great in here.”

Associate Executive Director Peter Price said gym equipment has been upgraded.

“We bought a great set of free weights and new cardio machines,” he said.

The YMCA also purchased a new bounce house for children’s birthday parties, a service that members had asked for and is now provided.


The cosmetic changes and new equipment are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the large-scale developments planned for the YMCA, Killeen said.

“We have some major changes planned for the third-floor studio where the spin classes are held,” he said. “There is a lot of unused space up there, and we plan to take down some walls and combine some of the smaller rooms.

“Instead of one studio, we will have two on the third floor, which will allow us to provide more of the classes our members want to see.”

Additional improvements include a complete overhaul to the women’s shower area and refinishing the gymnasium floor.

Killeen and Price have worked closely with local vendors, such as Schluter Systems, on the renovations.

“We are deeply grateful to the community and dedicated members of the YMCA,” Killeen said.

The Plattsburgh YMCA renovation is scheduled to be complete by December. The facility will remain open during construction.

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