April 19, 2013

Seton Central rallies for student with lymphoma


---- — PLATTSBURGRH — As Malorie Drollette fights lymphoma and tries to keep her grades up for school, teachers and friends are trying to keep her spirits up as well.

Saturday, the Seton Catholic Central School Music Department and Student Council will host a fundraiser for the teen, “Knights at Night — Talent for a Cause.”

Malorie, 16, was diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago, Seton music teacher Lita Paczak said.

She is currently in treatment and has not been in school for awhile. She is being treated in Burlington and has been traveling back and forth quite often.


Paczak said the students had been asking to have a talent show for some time, and when Drollette became sick, the school came up the idea of turning the show into a fundraising event to help Drollette and her family with the expenses of treatment and travel.

Paczak said Drollette is a vibrant part of the school.

“We have a school where people know everyone,” she said. “Noticing that she’s not here just feels wrong.”

The music teacher added that the student was also an excellent writer with a good sense of propriety.

Drollette is in Paczak’s group performance class and helps evaluate songs to be performed to make sure they are appropriate for school students.

“She has a great deal of input,” the teacher said. “it just amazes my how she can read between the lines.

“I trust her judgement.”

As well, Paczak said, “I expect she’ll be eventually writing music herself. She is thinking of going into music in college.

“I think she will do very well.”


Drollette has been sending her homework to her teachers by email, Paczak said.

“She’s going through treatment, but she is still doing her work. I can’t imagine having to go through that. It’s just really traumatic.”

Paczak spoke to Drollette’s mother, Danielle, recently, who said she was very pleased when she heard about the talent show.

“She said every time we do something like that, it keeps Malorie’s spirits up,” Paczak said. “Malorie is very excited, too, and really wants to be there.”

The students and faculty are hoping Drollette will be able to make it, too.


Paczak said the preparations for the show are going very well, and everyone is working together.

“Some are coming up with their songs, and others are working on the chords and rhythms,” she said.

Students and faculty will be performing, singing and playing instruments. They will compete against each other, and the best performer will win a prize.

The judges will perform a special song during judging to entertain the audience, Paczak said.

“We also have someone who will do some comedy,” she said. “And we have a great final song that could get the audience up on their feet.”



"Knights at Night -- Talent for a Cause" is set for 7 p.m. Saturday in the cafeteria-auditorium at Seton Catholic Central School. 

Admission is a $5 minimum donation. Those who cannot attend may mail contributions to the school at 206 New York Road, Plattsburgh NY 12903, with checks made out to Seton Catholic Central School with "Malorie Drollette" on the notation line.