December 14, 2012

Message in bottle matched to writers


With the help of friend and schoolmate Nicole Crispino, whom the Barones had invited to stay with them, Caylea rowed a raft out into open water and set the bottle afloat. The two watched it for 45 minutes until they could not see it anymore.

Carl, who is Connor and Caylea’s father, said that even though he did not know about the message in a bottle until after it was sent, he has come to expect these sorts of pleasant surprises from his children.

“Nothing they do surprises me. They are pretty clever kids, very ambitious,” he said. “They keep us on their toes, and they are good kids.”

He said that his mother was the most excited about the message winding up in the paper and that he had sent a photo of the children to Lynne Layman, the Plattsburgh local who found the bottle.

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