December 7, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 7, 2012


---- — Jobs

To the complainers of the approval for Bombardier to expand. This may create more jobs for the community, and they may reach their suggested goal of 700. Maybe there are only 400 people working now, but it is better than 400 not working. 


I would like to point out that people are driving way too fast in areas with a high population of children. We care about our children. Be safe and drive slowly in these areas. Just because the speed limit is 30 mph doesn’t mean you have to go 30 mph.


Why can’t American workers demand Election Day off? Couldn’t we have an election weekend and enough working machines so lines and breakdowns don’t make us the laughing stock of the world instead of a place for new democracies to emulate?


Local businesses/groups: If you are going to have a link on your website that says “Contact us,” it would be nice if you actually responded to your e-mails. Either that or don’t bother to say “Contact us” so people will know to go somewhere else.


If you are a businessowner concerned about people shopping locally, please be sure your staff/employees are friendly and knowledgeable. There are some really rude servers/employees out there.


To the person that decided to rear-end me in Plattsburgh on Oct. 12 at a stop sign, I hope that you are happy. It upsets me that people cannot pay attention to the road. If this was a person, they would not have been so lucky.


Let’s hear it for the courteous Wal-Mart cashier who twice told people with more than 20 items in the 20 items-or-less checkout line to please seek another checkout venue. Why not consider charging people with excess items $1 for every item over 20?


Farm vehicles do not have signal or brake lights because they travel very short distances at very low speeds. If you have a problem with them, it is probably because you are typically driving too fast, following too close or are in a big hurry to pass.


All you loud-mouthed wanna-be soccer referees, there is an opportunity to join the field refs every year. Step on the fields and see just how hard it is to make every single call. And, research offsides; soccer is not hockey, it is far different for offsides.


I was recently given a tour of Plattsburgh. I was baffled and slightly angered by all the new real estate. A city with so much beauty and history should be restoring i’s old architecture. It was a shame to see so many beautiful buildings/houses boarded up and shut down.