April 5, 2013

Births: April 5, 2013


GARRANT — A son, Malachi Lawrence, born Oct. 4, 2012, to Rachel Garrant.

STOUGHTON — A son, Henry Howard, born March 5, 2013, to Kayla and Kiel Stoughton.

HAMPTON — A daughter, Amelia Rose, born March 9, 2013, to Joann Zayas and Duey Hampton

HOLLAND — A daughter, Mya Florence, born March 10, 2013, to Katie and Jason Holland.

BROTHERS — A daughter, Kahlyn Alissa Ann, born March 11, 2013, to Brianna Baker.

ROWE — A son, Reighlei Michael, born March 12, 2013, to Mamie and Robert Rowe.

ELLIS — A son, Gabriel Richard, born March 12, 2013, to Tara and Jason Ellis.

AXTELL — A son, James Peter, born March 12, 2013, to Michelle and William Axtell.

MOULDING — A son, Parker Eli, born March 12, 2013, to Ashlee Rock and Christopher Moulding.

RUSSELL — A son, Kirk Manuel Russell Jr., born March 12, 2013, to Angelena St. Germaine and Kirk Russell.

STEVENS — A son, Bryce Alexander, born March 12, 2013, to Kristie King and Adam Stevens.

BOLIA — A son, Desmond James, born March 13, 2013, to Maribeth Cross and Kyle Bolia.

ST. DENIS — A son, Lucas John, born March 14, 2013, to Karissa St. Denis.

ROCK — A daughter, Cassidy Ryder, born March 14, 2013, to Tracey Guerin and Cory Rock.

GARROW — A daughter, Renessme Mary Annalise, born March 14, 2013, to Melissa and Theodore Garrow.

DAVIS — A daughter, Grace Eliza, born March 15, 2013, to Stephanie and Philip Davis Jr.

ATWOOD — A daughter, Ruby Charlotte, born March 15, 2013, to Lisa and John Atwood.

McKENZIE— A daughter, Abby Elizabeth, born March 16, 2013, to Stephanie Agnew and Leonard McKenzie.

SPOONER — A daughter, Brooklyn Gabrielle, born March 17, 2013, to Leigh Spooner.

REYNOLDS — A daughter, Maggy Kellas, born March 18, 2013, to Michelle and Christopher Reynolds.

BABBIE — A son, Bennett John, born March 19, 2013, to Maureen and Luke Babbie.

SPROUSE — A son, Steven James Sprouse Jr., born March 19, 2013, Monique and Steven Sprouse.

GADWAY — A son, Hunter Allan, born March 19, 2013, to Denise King and Dustin Gadway.

BROWN — A daughter, Stella Rose, born March 19, 2013, to Patricia and Todd Brown.

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