March 29, 2013

Speakout: March 29, 2013


No sex offenders at campground law — again a seemingly good idea that’s all wrong. Let’s limit their liberties even more. How about movie theater? The mall? Baseball or hockey games? Parents need to do their job.


Driving on/over the center line and failing to clean snow off windows should get some remedial training for the offender. If you can’t see where you are going and think the middle of the road is a safe place, you are dangerous.


The driver ahead of me paid for my coffee order at Dunkin’ the other day. If you wish to do a good deed, give to a legitimate and needy charity. I made $140,000 last year. Thanks anyway.


When the Second Amendment was passed in 1791, “arms” were single-shot muskets that had to be manually loaded with powder and ball for each shot. Our founding fathers couldn’t foresee today’s carnage.


I am feeding feral cats.  I am also live trapping, spaying, neutering, releasing, supplying shelters and teaching my children to be stewards of the environment and care for all of God’s creatures. What are you doing to help with the cat problem?


Company sets policies so employees will not take extra breaks arrive on time, but the ones who do not follow these rules are the supervisors and managers.


I spoke to my in-laws about their inability to be good grandparents. I made attempts for years to help them, to no avail. Their answer was spending thousands on Christmas and birthday gifts that were opened without them.

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