January 4, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 4, 2013


---- — Bombardier

It’s nice to see Bombardier, Inc. win a recent $1.85 billion contract to sell 40 planes to Delta with options to buy 30 more later. Although Bombardier in Plattsburgh is a different branch, hopefully that will help solidify the financial health of the company overall.


Schools are so different now. Every two to three years they change their programming to fit the philosophy of the current principal. How about just letting teachers teach how they want and do what works for them and their students?


It kills me when people keep trying for their “boy” or “girl.” Just be blessed you are able to have a healthy child because some people do not get that.


I have a big problem with these officials who give out permits for these protesters to close down streets and freeways; all they do is cause problems and fights.


I have never in my 71 years seen people against the police like it is now-a-days. But look who are the ones complaining all the time; who do they call when they need help?


A huge debt of gratitude to whoever found my husband’s wallet in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Nov. 27 and brought it to Plattsburgh Police Department. Thank God for the good people in the North Country!


Coat Drive For North Country has helped my family keep warm this winter free of charge. You can visit them on Facebook. Such a wonderful thing to do for residents of the North Country.


A natural gas 46 miles long is being built from St Lawrence County through Franklin County to Chateaugay. No gas line for the village of Keeseville. It would be less than 2 miles to the nearest existing gas line.


Wood smoke/cigarette smoke: same offensive smell. All you have to do is wash your coats once in a while. Your kids deserve the same treatment; they are the innocent victims.


Women on Medicare, when you are at the OBGYN, tell them you are there for the no-charge pap and pelvic. I mentioned a rash and irritation, and my “free” exam ended out costing me $94 for counseling.


Plattsburgh would be a good place for the F-35s. I would rather hear the noise from our jets than those of Russia, China or maybe Iran.


Clinton County is going after Native American’s land again in the form of unpaid taxes. We stole their land, gave it back and now it’s being auctioned for unpaid taxes.


The Village of Rouses Point talks about revitalization, apparently depending on kiosks in the village. How about trying to attract a grocery store? And get the eyesores fixed up?


I am seeing too many young people dying; then there are the ones that don’t take care of themselves that live forever. If you don’t want to live, take yourself off dialysis, cancer treatments, etc.


Thank you to the city for planting trees. They are much needed and will help others from being ignorant and driving onto the grass in between the sidewalk and road.


The fact that we have the right to use a firearm to protect ourselves makes us free. Americans are not dependent on a government to provide security. You only need look at Syria or Egypt to know why the Second Amendment truly set us free.


Thank you to all who wait until midnight to shut off your Christmas lights. They are an uplifting sight to all who are on their way home after work and may have had a rough day.


I have a suggestion for the City School District communication. Listen objectively to what is being said. There, you didn’t even need to waste board time on consultation for the issue.