December 6, 2013

P-R readers react: Cellphone use on airplanes

PLATTSBURGH — While many people see the sense in allowing cellphone use on airplanes, they are also anticipating the annoyance that may go with it.

The Federal Communications Commission is moving toward allowing cellphone and Internet use during flights.

It currently bans airborne calls and cellular-data use by passengers once a flight reaches 10,000 feet.

If that is lifted, it would be up to airlines to establish their own use policies.

We asked Press-Republican Facebook readers what they think of the idea.

Here’s a look at some of the responses:

Sadie Hozley: “It’s great; passes time.”

Fred V Provoncha: “Technically, good call. Customerwise, airlines should prohibit cell-phone use except in emergencies. Nobody wants to listen to one half of someone else’s cell-phone call to momma all the way from Plattsburgh to Florida.”

Lisa Lawrence: “ way do I want to hear all that yacking anymore than others would want to hear me doing it. Internet, email, texts are all different, as long as the person using keeps sound to a reasonable level.”

Lori Doughty Hickman: “Just flew from TX to NY this week, and we were able to use them; however, it still had to be in airplane mode…and there are still times where they will not allow them to be used, such as our instance, when there was heavy fog; they were not allowed the remainder of the flight until we were on the ground.”

Julie Corcoran: “As far as the phones, hope they are texting and not talking!!!”

Bonnie Clinebell: “Bad idea! Some people are rude enough on their phones EVERY WHERE we’ll have to listen to their conversations the whole time on a plane too?? Good grief.”

Dale Juneau: “Have you heard their phone ringers? Rude, terrible stupid idea!”

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