October 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 4, 2013


---- — Perry


TO THE EDITOR: We have a wonderful person running for a position while in the process of helping all: Republican Rick Perry.

He worked for the city zoning for many years, and he followed the rules and the laws so that we would have lesser problems with the zoning boards. Beside each good guy helping the public is a great gal, and in this case, that great lady is Rick’s wife for many years, Sandie.

Rick’s mom and dad had been around for many years to also help others. The Republican Party is and has been around with so many different folks ready to assist you and others down through the ages. So there are multiple talents to help each one of us.

I have needed help in zoning laws, and Mr. Perry has truly guided me so that all drawings and forms were filed lawfully. I thank him for all that help in years gone by.

The Republican Party has so many good and truly qualified people to serve you, with yesterday’s thoughts and tomorrow’s ideas, so together let’s reduce the friction and static. Let’s reassure different faiths and politics. We are the party to correct the nonsense from the past.

Look thoroughly at those in my party who can undertake these positions for our future. We know that our slate has plenty of talent. We have a whole host of folks ready to assist all voters who truly do want to clean up all the errors in the last two elections.

Rick is just one of the many prepared to help take all ideas and run them through the board to help others. Good voting this time around.





TO THE EDITOR: I would like to talk about a gentleman running for Peru Town Council, Donald McBrayer.

Don is the kind of person we all want working for us. He actually cares about his community almost to a fault.

Don and I are lifelong friends, and I am very proud to call him a friend, From the antics when we where growing up to the friend and business man that he has become over the years, Don McBrayer will work for his community with all of his heart. Let’s just ask some of the people he volunteers with, from his church, to the people of Knights of Columbus to the Peru Applefest, Don is always ready to lend a hand or give his time.

You just have to know this man, He was honored with the 2013 Golden Rose award for charitable works through St. Augustine’s Parish. He is a board member for Habitat for Humanity and countless other entities in the area. Don was instrumental in the organization of the 2013 Peru Classic Car Show. I could go on and on.

Regarding the people of Peru, you can ask almost anyone about Don McBrayer, and you will always find a positive answer.


West Chazy