June 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 14, 2013

Supports Durnin

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to express my wholehearted support for Shirley Durnin’s bid for the Northern Adirondack Central School Board position.

I have known Shirley for many years and served with her on the Dannemora Town Council. Her experience as a town supervisor gives her a wealth of experience with many issues, especially budgets.

She is very familiar with the needs of her community, as she works as an outreach worker for JCEO.

Shirley has had her children and grandchildren attend NAC and supported them in their endeavors there. I know that she will be a tireless advocate for the NACS District.

Please support Shirley with your vote.


Lyon Mountain


Honest, thoughtful

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is in support of Shirley Durnin, who is running for the unexpired two-year term on the School Board for Northern Adirondack Central School District.

I have known Shirley for approximately 40 years and can vouch for her integrity, honesty, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Shirley is a member of Mountain Top Senior Housing, and I am president of the Board. She is very helpful, knowledgeable and does what she can for the senior citizens living there.

I have also been involved with Shirley in her position at JCEO. She makes herself available to people who are donating possessions, and I believe that she gets more contributions than anyone doing that job because of it.

Shirley is dependable and trustworthy and does an invaluable service to the people in the Town of Dannemora through her position.

Shirley’s four children graduated from Northern Adirondack Central School. Because of her experience as Dannemora town supervisor, her position at JCEO and her work on the board at Mountain Top Senior Housing, I feel Shirley would make an invaluable addition to the NAC School Board.

I urge you to vote for her on June 17.


Lyon Mountain

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