November 9, 2012

Mail carriers to collect food for hurricane victims


---- — ALBANY — In response to an urgent need for food in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, letter carriers will collect canned goods and non-perishable food donations left in mailboxes along their routes on Saturday, Nov. 10.

Across upstate New York, they will be joined by rural letter carriers who volunteer to collect food items.

“This was not on our regular schedule, but neither was Hurricane Sandy,” Albany District Manager Edward F. Phelan Jr. said in a news release.

“Our employees have been seeking a way to help, and this is one activity we can do, together, that will have an immediate impact where the need is so great.

“Just one can of food in every mailbox can put a million meals on the table for our fellow New Yorkers.”

Postal customers are being asked to leave food items in their mailboxes. Glass items cannot be accepted.

Carriers in the Postal Service’s Albany District — an area with 3.5 million postal customers that stretches from the Massachusetts and Canadian borders west to Waterloo and south to Binghamton and the Southern Tier — will participate.

This includes zip codes that begin with 120 to 123, 128 to 129 and all zip codes beginning with 130 to 139.

Letter carriers across the 38,000 square miles of the Postal Service’s Albany District collected more than 545,000 pounds in their regularly scheduled food drive this past May.

Saturday’s donations will be trucked directed to the Food Bank Of New York, which serves more than 400 pantries and kitchens in the five boroughs of New York City, including hard-hit Staten Island and Queens.