November 22, 2013

BBC plans birthday bash as 'Doctor Who' turns 50

LONDON (AP) — "Doctor Who" is turning 50. So what do you get a time-traveling, galaxy-hopping hero who has everything?

Plenty of new time and space on the airwaves.

The BBC is throwing a broadcasting blowout for the sci-fi show, which began with little fanfare and few expectations on Nov. 23, 1963, but is now one of its biggest hits and major exports.

A 75-minute anniversary episode will be shown simultaneously Saturday in almost 80 countries, and there are 3-D screenings in movie theaters around the world.

The anniversary week features hours of supporting programs, online teasers and mini-episodes, and a "Doctor Who" festival at a London conference center. And then there's "An Adventure in Space and Time," a 90-minute drama about the origins of the show, which will be broadcast in Britain on Thursday and on BBC America on Friday.

"An Adventure in Space and Time" recounts how a group of inexperienced program-makers "set out to create a bit of teatime telly and instead created magic," scriptwriter Mark Gatiss said at a preview screening.

"Doctor Who" even has royal approval - Britain's royal family threw a Buckingham Palace reception this week for its stars and creators.

The hoopla contrasts sharply with the BBC's initially careless attitude to the show. "Doctor Who" has had as many narrow escapes as its hero, a charismatic Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels the universe in the Tardis, a time-and-space machine shaped like a blue British police phone box that is bigger on the inside than it looks.

The Doctor - he's always called the Doctor; the "Who" of the title is an existential question - has been played by 11 actors in six decades. He's had dozens of travelling companions and saved the world countless times. He has visited ancient Rome and the Stone Age, distant galaxies and the end of time. He has battled robotic Cybermen, rampaging Yeti and - repeatedly - the Daleks, those pepperpot-shaped metal aggressors whose favorite word is "Exterminate!"

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