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May 9, 2012

Wearing the right shoes can prevent bunions


During recovery from bunion surgery, you may have to wear a bandage and special shoe, or possibly a cast if your case is more severe. The special shoe or cast will protect your foot, allowing it to heal, while enabling you to walk on your heel. Sometimes you need to stop putting weight even on the heel of the foot that has had surgery, and use crutches or other devices. You will also have to stop driving for about six weeks.

After the special shoe or cast is removed, you need to do exercises to regain your strength and flexibility. It can take six months to recover fully.

We have more information on bunions in our Special Health Report, "Foot Care Basics." (Learn more about this report at, or call 877-649-9457 toll-free to order it.)

In the future, wear shoes that provide sufficient room in the toe boxes. We're not talking tennis shoes -- there are plenty of attractive shoes that qualify. This can help to prevent future bunions from developing, or keep existing ones from getting worse.

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